Wibu-Systems and Fritz Stephan Focus on Patient Safety and Customer Satisfaction


Embedded security and versatile licensing capabilities of CodeMeter: the perfect match for Fritz Stephan’s EVE specialized ventilation systems

Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter enables device security and price responsive business models for the healthcare industry.

Wibu-Systems, a leading enterprise in the field of secure license lifecycle management, and Fritz Stephan, a world leader in ventilation, anesthesiology, and oxygen supply solutions, have announced the integration of Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter licensing and protection technology into Fritz Stephan’s Easy Ventilator Emergency (EVE) devices. CodeMeter protects the company’s intellectual property against counterfeiting and reverse engineering, safeguards its EVE devices from tampering, and enables a convenient, online licensing system for its customers.

Fritz Stephan’s EVE ventilation systems were developed for a very sensitive group of patients that require gentle and non-invasive ventilation therapy. Because of the critical nature of these devices, the company needed to implement security mechanisms for the safety of the patient. To ensure the integrity of the devices, CodeMeter Embedded, a modular runtime for embedded systems, was integrated into the life-saving software of Fritz Stephan, and a unique CodeMeter SD card (CmCard/SD) was built directly into each EVE device. The card holds the encryption keys along with digital signatures, certificates, and entitlement rights securely in a smart card chip. The operator of the ventilation device cannot access this card without physically tampering with the machine, while the maintenance or sales personnel of Fritz Stephan can easily replace them.

Furthermore, Fritz Stephan needed a modular licensing solution that would allow them to implement feature-based licensing and enable easy online updates. With the Internet Edition of CodeMeter License Central, Fritz Stephan has created a scalable licensing model which can easily upsell new licenses to its global customer base and conveniently modify the set of features of its devices over the internet.

Bernd Hoehne, Marketing Manager for Fritz Stephan, said: “We are excited about the success that our EVE family product is experiencing. The software and hardware-based integration of CodeMeter with EVE has allowed our business to expand into new global markets. Our customers appreciate the modular pricing structure we have created, the regular updates of our device software they receive online, and the possibility to upgrade anytime to access new functionalities.”

The integration of CodeMeter into Fritz Stephan’s EVE devices is just one of many successful applications of Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter licensing and protection technology in the healthcare industry.

“Just like any other industry, the healthcare sector is going through an unprecedented digital transformation that is changing technology, processes, and business models,” Oliver Winzenried, co-founder and CEO of Wibu-Systems, explains. “We are fully aware of the need for medical device manufacturers to incorporate security measures directly into the design of their devices. The case of Fritz Stephan proves that our CodeMeter technology is ready for facilitating this evolutionary leap forward, even in units that need to comply with the most stringent German regulations for medical devices, like DIN EN 794-3, RTCA DO160F, and DIN EN 80601-2-12. And we are pleased to provide innovative companies like Fritz Stephan with additional measures that ensure patient safety, protect their intellectual property, allow better service for their customers, and expand their global business models.”

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