The objective is to design a prototype for a complete infrastructure based on OpenIDs to create, issue, and use ID cards on all platforms. The planned procedure is intended for use across platforms as an SaaS solution or in mobile environments.

The planned infrastructure will allow any identity provider to issue virtual identities based on the new German electronic ID card (nPA) while ensuring interoperability of the overall solution. The user receives a virtual ID card, designed to be used only in conjunction with the 'real' electronic ID card (nPA), e.g. as an important means for age verification. The systems to be developed extend the database for the identity, which the current implementations of the new German electronic ID card (nPA) cannot accomplish.

The key feature of the solution is its provision of an internationally recognized standard. With its new functionalities, it extends the currently available security standards in the user-centric environment by integrating secure hardware tokens, such as the new German electronic ID card (nPA). Moreover, the standard provides options to add specific features to identities.

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