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Why does CodeMeter WebAdmin display an empty page in the browser?


This might have several reasons. Please proceed as follows:

  • Check whether the browser is in "offline mode".
    If this is the case, please switch the mode. In the Internet Explorer, for example, deactivate the menu item "File | Offline Mode".
  • Check whether the localhost resolution works.
    Alternatively, use the links or [::1]:22350. In this case of a defined IP address or computer name, please replace with this address or name.
  • Check whether CodeMeter License Server runs in communication mode shared memory only.
    In this case, CodeMeter License Server allocates no port and no TCP/IP communication takes place. Check this mode as follows:
    • either in CodeMeter Control Center via the tab Events: Check the first 10 lines for the entry Used Communication Mode. If the entry does not hold IPv4 or IPv6, no port is allocated.
    • or in CodeMeter Profiling (see below) the value of ApiCommunicationMode is set to 2.
    In this case, you must change the value of ApiCommunicationMode in CodeMeter Profiling (see below) for the CodeMeter WebAdmin functionality. Set the value to 1 to activate all communication modes. To apply the changes, you must restart CodeMeter License Server, e.g., via "CodeMeter Control Center | Action | Stop CodeMeter Service" and "CodeMeter Control Center | Action | Start CodeMeter Service".

CodeMeter Profiling

For Windows operating systems, you find the profiling entries in the registry. For other operating systems these entries are set in the file server.ini.

System Registry / Server.ini entry



Mac OS