Product protection at Hannover Messe: Wibu-Systems now extends support of CodeMeter for the protection of VxWorks software


With immediate impact manufacturers can protect their embedded software against reverse engineering that was developed for the real time operating system VxWorks.

Karlsruhe – The special fair „Industrial Automation“ is dedicated to technologies such as product protection and know-how protection at this year’s Hannover Messe: it includes product marking, tracing and product protection.  Wibu-Systems AG presents its protection solution CodeMeter during this fair in hall 7 at booth F48. Manufacturers for machines and plants can now protect their embedded software on almost any platform utilizing CodeMeter. The CodeMeter solution now provides integration support for the real-time operating system VxWorks and makes it very easy for the developer to integrate complex protection functions.

The result of a partnership between Wibu-Systems as a Validated Partner with Wind River (an Intel subsidiary and vendor of VxWorks), is the integration of CodeMeter in the real-time operating system VxWorks and its tools. The AxProtector (Encryption Envelope) has been extended in a way that developers can encrypt and sign their VxWorks DKMs (Downloadable Kernel Module) and RTPs (Real Time Process). A modified VxWorks loader in the OS system controls that certifies that only the correct signed program code will be executed and that the functions will be decrypted depending on their license parameters. Starting with version 6.8 of VxWorks, CodeMeter is integrated as the protection mechanism and provides code encryption and code signature. In addition CodeMeter provides symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic functions via API interface. Also, individual licenses can be called or license parameters can be updated remotely for adding additional functions.

Oliver Winzenried, C.E.O. of Wibu-Systems, explains: „Companies using software protection solutions to prevent reverse engineering are able to protect their know-how and keep their competitive advantage longer. Additionally they increase the system security by integrity protection: this is an essential requirement. The integration of CodeMeter in VxWorks enables the protection of any kind of application. For example medical devices, GSM basic stations, motor and wind engine controls, controllers in Smart Grids, gambling machines or a PLC for machines and plants. The CodeMeter technology offers product protection and know-how protection for the Windows world as well, and for the CoDeSys PLC for IEC61131 and other systems. At our booth we present the protection possibilities of CodeMeter related to practical examples and discuss the various customer requirements.”

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