The Power of Partnership: Enabling Success Together

2024-02-20 - 2024-02-21
Online Masterclass

A common piece of wisdom highlights the value of collaboration over solitary efforts. Working together, partners can pool their resources and expertise, achieving greater results than either could alone. This is particularly true when partners possess deep industry knowledge or local insights, like language and customs.

Another key insight is the benefit of enabling partners to operate independently. This approach can lessen your workload, accelerate the delivery of solutions, and enhance partner satisfaction by granting them more control and autonomy.

To achieve this, providing partners with the tools and knowledge for self-sufficiency is essential. While setting up processes with a partner may initially require more effort than handling tasks yourself, this investment in empowerment is sustainable and ultimately more rewarding.

These principles are universally relevant, particularly in the realm of software sales. CodeMeter License Portal is designed to facilitate this process with your partners. It can be tailored to fit various use cases and integrate with your existing processes, such as those in your ERP system, ensuring a customized and effective partnership.

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Here is a list of the main topics we will be zeroing in during this webinar:

  • Creating licenses
  • Assigning licenses
  • Licensing reporting
  • Examples of customizations and variations
  • Best practice tips

A popular option in CodeMeter License Portal is allowing partners to create licenses themselves. In this webinar, you will learn how to configure this feature for each partner. For instance, you can authorize certain product groups for partners and set value ranges for configurable parameters.

The Portal's core function is assigning licenses to groups and users. This section will teach you how to build a hierarchical group structure and assign appropriate permissions. We will also introduce the four different types of license assignments to users or groups and provide examples of when to use each.

Especially when licenses are created by partners in the Portal, but also in other scenarios, reporting on created and activated licenses is a must for partner oversight. Reporting can cover both licenses and subscriptions. Particularly for subscriptions managed via the Portal, reporting is essential for triggering billing for renewals. Learn about the fundamental reporting capabilities available and how they can be customized to meet your needs.

Empower your partners with CodeMeter License Portal to create and manage licenses for their customers themselves. Following the principle of 'permit and control,' you minimize your effort and boost the partner's motivation to sell your licenses. Enable your partner to achieve this, embodying the essence of an equal partnership.

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