2024-06-18 - 2024-06-20
messe stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

MedtecLIVE stands as Europe's leading fair in the development and manufacture of medical technology, connecting product developers, purchasers, distributors, OEMs, and top suppliers. Emphasizing digital, automated, sustainable, and resilient medtech innovations, it offers unparalleled future relevance. Covering the entire 360-degree production chain, including contract manufacturing, IT, raw materials, processes, and services in biomedical engineering, MedtecLIVE encapsulates the essence of medical technology advancement and collaboration.

In the high-tech realm of medical technology, security is paramount, not only for safeguarding sensitive patient data but also for protecting the invaluable intellectual property (IP) that drives innovation in the field. Furthermore, tamper protection is essential to guarantee the integrity of medical devices and software, preventing unauthorized access that could compromise device functionality and patient safety. Effective license management plays a dual role in this ecosystem: it enables companies to control and monetize their innovations by defining how and by whom their products can be used, while also ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Enter CodeMeter: a game-changer in protecting technological advancements and supporting the business models that propel such innovations into the marketplace, thus guaranteeing a secure and prosperous future for the medical technology industry. But that's not all – thanks to the AxProtector Python module, vendors leveraging AI in medical applications receive comprehensive protection, ensuring the secure lifecycle management of ML training models.

We invite you to explore our compilation of medical success stories in our handy brochure:

Furthermore, seize the opportunity to engage with our specialists in protection, licensing, and security on-site for an insightful discussion about the expansive growth prospects awaiting your medical business.


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