Forum Safety & Security

2022-09-21 - 2022-09-22
University Landshut, Am Lurzenhof 1, Landshut, Germany

This year’s edition of the popular Forum Safety & Security is hosted by Landshut University – a sign of the close relationship between research and practice in this increasingly relevant field. A special introductory seminar on the security of embedded systems is offered by Professor Peter Fromm on the event’s first day, while the second day offers the attendees a rich program of keynotes, talks on methods and tools, and case studies from the field.

On 22 September, at 3:30pm, Alvaro Forero, Head of CERT, Professional Services and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, will be speaking about “From Research into the Real World: IP Protection and Licensing in 3D Printing“, a topic that has become ever more salient because of the geopolitical and economic developments of recent months. The ability to simplify and shorten complex supply chains through local 3D printing service providers is extremely appealing, but it creates new challenges as well. The object data needs to be protected as a valuable digital asset, and the entire order processing and billing process needs to be secure and transparent in order to prevent piracy and “grey market” production. Alvaro Forero will also be looking at the Sino-German partner project ProCloud3D to see how CodeMeter can do both in the real world: Protecting and monetizing intellectual property.


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