devSec 2018

2018-10-16 - 2018-10-18
Print Media Academy, Heidelberg, Germany

All good projects start with an expert design, before any tools are chosen and any work on the ground begins. Software protection follows the same rule: Plan first, act later. These days, the design phase is made more complicated by other factors; it is not enough to have a well-encrypted software that is able to withstand piracy, reverse engineering, or tampering attacks. Applications are now running in highly connected environments, which expose them to other types of interactions and new vulnerabilities.

After the sold-out premiere of 2017, Heise returns with devSec to respond to the challenges modern software publishers are facing. The lectures and workshops will cover the secure design, implementation, and integration of software; programming vulnerabilities, errors, and code smells; attack scenarios and threat analysis; risk assessment and risk-oriented test planning; security testing and penetration testing; security landscape scenarios for applications running on the web, in the cloud, or in the context of the Internet of Things; and cryptography and its best practices.

As a Gold Sponsor of the event, Wibu-Systems will bring almost 30 years of experience in software protection, licensing, and security to the avid audience at devSec. Wibu-Systems is an innovative security technology leader in the global software licensing market. In its mission to offer the most secure, unique, and highly versatile technology, Wibu-Systems has developed CodeMeter, a comprehensive, award-winning suite of hardware and software-based solutions for computers, embedded systems, mobile devices, PLCs, and microcontrollers. They incorporate internationally patented processes dedicated to protecting the integrity of digital assets. Software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers can safeguard the intellectual property of their applications against illicit and fraudulent use, reverse engineering, and tampering attacks, and generate new digital business models fully integrated with ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms.

In his lecture, Protection of Intellectual Property in Docker Containers, from 11.35 am to 12.35 pm on Oct 17th, Alvaro Forero, one of the top security expert at Wibu-Systems’ headquarters, will address both novice and advanced software publishers that have chosen Docker or are considering this open source virtualization software. While Docker simplifies the distribution of applications, it also poses new challenges for protecting valuable know-how. Not only does CodeMeter address protection in virtualized environments in full; it also does so in an effective and straightforward way.

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