IIoT moves closer to maturity with Wibu-Systems at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia


Leveraging embedded security as the key to an industrial economy renaissance

A Kontron COM Express module with integrated Wibu-Systems CodeMeter technology.

Karlsruhe, Germany – Wibu-Systems is returning to the Embedded Conference Scandinavia, November 6th and 7th (booth 34), to share tangible results that can help move the discussion around IIoT from the level of technical visions and implementation concepts to the tactical stage. Key decision makers now have practical means at their disposal to seize the true power of the digital transformation in the industrial realm and capitalize their investments in order to place themselves ahead of the curve in the global economy.

Gone are the days of machines produced with fixed features for a predefined set of purposes and sold against a significant price that the buyer had to pay upfront. In the IIoT age, engineering, logistics, and maintenance costs can be saved by producing identical hardware with functions swiftly activated, updated, or upgraded on demand. Software becomes the major asset that enables new business models built around real market needs. This calls for new definitions for the trustworthiness of industrial systems that include security, safety, privacy, reliability, and resilience factors, and new monetization platforms that can provide a fair balance between system builders’, component builders’, and operational users’ expectations.

Wibu-Systems has created a way to reap the benefits of both sides: with CodeMeter, machine code, configuration entries, and production data are fully protected from piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering. Interoperability is the key trait of this technology, as CodeMeter interfaces with multiple devices (computers, embedded systems, PLCs, and microcontrollers), works on multiple industrial systems (Android, Linux, QNX and VxWorks) and architectures (ARM, x86, and PowerPC), and makes use of hardware, software, and cloud containers for storing digital keys, software licenses, and sensitive information. By seamlessly connecting with mainstream back office systems (SAP, Salesforce, and Digital River, just to name a few), it also adds value to the existing infrastructure.

On November 7th, 11.00 am to 11.30 pm, Stefan Bamberg, Senior Key Account and Partner Manager of Wibu-Systems, will be on the main stage of the Embedded Conference Scandinavia to introduce use cases and case studies of successful implementations of CodeMeter in the automation, automotive, connected transport, finance, and healthcare sectors.

Solution partners like Kontron, who are also exhibiting at this event, increase the immediate usability of CodeMeter. Coming integrated in their APPROTECT solution, the protection, licensing, and security technology of Wibu-Systems lands straight on the table of the engineers who are sourcing their embedded computing modules from Kontron. For the last two years, CodeMeter ASICs, powered by Infineon top-quality crypto controllers, has been included in all Kontron designs to safeguard the digital IP of intelligent device manufacturers and serve as the root of trust of a versatile software license management system.

Peter Mueller, Director Productline Boards & Modules at Kontron, explains: “With our products using Wibu-Systems ASIC, our customers can benefit from highly integrated, rugged, and industrial Kontron hardware, combined with Wibu-Systems’ well-known and proven software technology.“

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, comments: “Partnerships are instrumental for the growth of our technology; by blending our market insights and our specific expertise with that of companies like Kontron, we can deliver tangible benefits and value to our customers. The time to invest in applied solutions for Industrie 4.0 is now: Governments are supporting regional initiatives in all major industrialized nations, a constant dialogue between vendors is bringing higher standardization with each passing day, and concrete, actionable answers are being found to counter current threats. There’s no better time to embark on the IIoT journey.”

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