Transforming Digital Security: Wibu-Systems and FLECS Technologies Revolutionize the Future of Industrial Apps

  • Innovative Digital Security: CodeMeter Protection Suite by Wibu-Systems provides comprehensive tools for application licensing and protection against cyber threats.
  • Versatile Technology: Supports a wide range of programming languages and frameworks, ensuring applications are securely licensed and protected.
  • Effortless Marketplace Integration: The FLECS Marketplace simplifies the provisioning and purchasing process, offering an automated solution from listing to sale.
  • Secure and Flexible Licensing: Features like the Software Activation Wizard and CodeMeter app enable secure license management, preventing piracy and facilitating device transfers.

Empowering Developers and Enhancing User Experience Through Advanced Protection and Licensing Solutions

Revolutionizing industrial applications with Wibu-Systems CodeMeter technology and FLECS Marketplace: A New Era of Digital Security and Licensing Unfolds

Wibu-Systems, a global leader in secure license management solutions for the digital age, together with FLECS Technologies, a pioneering force aiming to transform the industrial app marketplace, are excited to reveal the groundbreaking outcomes of their partnership at Hannover Messe. In a special joint press conference scheduled for 22 April, from 1 to 2 pm, at Saal Hamburg, the visionary minds behind both companies will showcase their newest advancements and strategic endeavors. These initiatives are meticulously crafted to bolster developers and significantly elevate the user experience throughout the industrial sector, marking a new era in digital innovation and application security.

In today's digital era, purchasing software, subscribing to services, and downloading apps have become daily actions for millions of users. Simultaneously, software developers face increasingly complex challenges: ensuring effective protection of their applications, facilitating the integration of licenses by third-party providers, securely distributing software to users, activating licenses on end devices, and securing a reliable connection with those devices.

CodeMeter Protection Suite, developed by Wibu-Systems, stands out as a cutting-edge solution to these challenges. Offering a broad array of tools, it enables licensing of applications and protection from tampering and cyber piracy. A common strategy involves dividing the app into modules, each operatively linked through encryption to the presence of a valid license. This technology adapts to applications developed in various programming languages and frameworks, including .NET, nodeJS, Python, and machine-code generating languages like C, C++, and Go.

Developers already utilizing a CodeMeter-based infrastructure can specify this preference directly in the protection manifest. Those without their own CodeMeter infrastructure, or who wish to keep their resources separate from the marketplace, can take advantage of an infrastructure solution specifically provided by Wibu-Systems for the FLECS Marketplace.

The app provisioning process in the FLECS Marketplace is meticulous: the protected app and its protection manifest are published by the app provider, along with pricing, detailed descriptions, graphical elements, and screenshots. Using the CodeMeter infrastructure integrated into the Marketplace simplifies the automatic creation of a listing in the CodeMeter License Central connected to the Marketplace, further streamlining the process.

The purchase of an app by a customer is a crucial phase in the entire digital ecosystem. The FLECS Marketplace ensures a fully automated purchasing process, providing the end user with an order confirmation and a detailed invoice, with payment executed automatically where possible. Depending on the protection manifest's specifics, the FLECS Marketplace interacts with CodeMeter License Central, generating a license in the form of an activation code delivered alongside the app.

Once purchased, installing the app involves integrating the CodeMeter app and the Software Activation Wizard app on the device. The latter facilitates the license transfer to the device using the activation code. The license configuration may also allow for the license to be transferred to another device or reactivated in case of loss. The Software Activation Wizard app ensures transparent and automated use for license activations or subscription extensions, while CodeMeter secures the license custody, preventing abuses like device cloning.

The introduction of an app store or marketplace for proprietary and third-party applications has been made quick and easy thanks to innovative solutions like the FLECS Marketplace. Software producers can now easily introduce their applications into the Marketplace, freeing themselves from the complex processes associated with software protection and license management. This evolution represents a significant step forward in consolidating a secure, reliable, and easily accessible digital ecosystem, where software protection and licensing align with the needs of developers and end users, opening new frontiers in industrial digitalization.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Professional Services at Wibu-Systems, is excited about this technological achievement: “What has been common in the private sector for years is still in its infancy in the industrial environment: the simple purchase of an additional function as an app in a store or marketplace. Many have attempted it, but none have been able to establish themselves as the standard. With the technology from FLECS, it's different. FLECS knows the industry, is open to all providers, and sets standards through membership in the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance. At Wibu-Systems, we are proud to have been part of this success story from the beginning.”

Samuel Greising, Managing Director & COO of FLECS Technologies underlines the possibilities for the industrial market created from this technology integration: “For FLECS, Wibu-Systems is an ideal partner when it comes to software licensing and protection, as many industrial companies already rely on products around CodeMeter today. The combination of both platforms offers outstanding benefits for app providers, but also very high convenience for our common users.”

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