ETM professional control Chooses Wibu-Systems CodeMeter Technology for Protecting and Licensing its WinCC Open Architecture Platform

  • SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is designed for large scale SCADA applications across a variety of industrial and public infrastructure sectors
  • CodeMeter's ability to ensure secure licensing in distributed and decentralized configurations gives users versatility and independence in managing their licenses
  • Relationship with Wibu-Systems enables ETM professional control to expand its global business together with their partners.

CodeMeter protects WinCC OA software against unauthorized usage and provides versatile license management for its customers

Wibu-Systems CodeMeter technology provides flexible licensing and maximum protection for large-scale SCADA applications built on ETM professional control’s SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture software platform.

Wibu-Systems, a global leader in the software licensing and protection industry, announced that ETM professional control, the developer of SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture, has chosen to implement Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter solution for protecting and licensing its software. WinCC OA is a flexible and scalable SCADA framework, designed for controlling large-scale applications in a variety of industrial and public and private infrastructural sectors. CodeMeter is Wibu-Systems’ flagship security suite of interoperable modules geared towards safeguarding software against piracy, reverse engineering, tampering, and cyberattacks.

WinCC OA software is at the core of some of the most intricate SCADA systems, operated remotely and distributed globally. Its open architecture easily adapts to the adoption of new technologies. With the rapid advent of cloud systems and modern environments like Docker containers or cloud clusters, the need for open and flexible software that is robust enough to protect the integrity and security of WinCC OA, especially for distributed, decentralized connected components, is paramount.

In a global economy where business models and regulatory requirements are constantly evolving, the ability to adapt quickly is crucial. The combination of CodeMeter and WinCC OA software allows for the implementation of uniform protection and a fully aligned licensing system across all platforms, from ARM to x86 and from native systems like Windows and Linux to mobile and web interfaces. CodeMeter's agility in ensuring secure licenses in distributed and decentralized configurations offers added value, enabling users to easily handle license upgrades, add or remove features, and scale their WinCC OA projects up or down without having to interact with an ETM representative.

The synergy between ETM and Wibu-Systems serves as a guarantee for growth and adaptability over time, making the WinCC OA software solution resistant to technological changes and possible disruptions. This resilience, combined with the software's ability to handle both standard workflows and specific customer requests, significantly contributes to its continued success and customer satisfaction.

Dr. Bernhard Reichl, CEO of ETM professional control, said: “Using CodeMeter for license generation and protection of our SCADA product SIMATIC WinCC OA enables us to expand our global business together with our partners. With CodeMeter, not only are we protected against unauthorized usage, but the technology of Wibu-Systems also secures the valuable know-how of our integration partners’ solutions.”

Stefan Bamberg, Director Sales and Key Account Management of Wibu-Systems, added: “We recognize the value of flexibility, particularly for SCADA projects requiring a high degree of client-specific adaptability or imposed by specific system requirements and functions, like those found in energy, oil & gas, and building automation industries. CodeMeter's ability to ensure secure licenses in distributed and decentralized configurations offers a distinct advantage, giving users unprecedented versatility in managing their licenses.”

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