A clear focus on Cybersecurity and Software Licensing: Wibu-Systems at Hannover Messe 2024

  • Exclusive CEO-led guided tours offering insights into revolutionary CodeMeter technology.
  • Introduction of groundbreaking solutions for licensing in containerized environments and the cloud.
  • Showcase of CodeMeter's capabilities in software protection and licensing adaptability, streamlining management, and bolstering security.
  • Engaging lectures on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence with security and the intricacies of license lifecycle management.

Embarking on a Journey of Innovation with Wibu-Systems’ Exclusive Guided Tours and Cutting-Edge Solutions

Discovering the Future of Software Protection and Licensing with Wibu-Systems at Hannover Messe. Experiencing first-hand the power of CodeMeter technology through exclusive guided tours led by CEO Oliver Winzenried and exploring groundbreaking products and insightful lectures.

Wibu-Systems, a global leader in software protection, licensing, and security solutions, is set to make a significant impact at this year's Hannover Messe, the world's premier trade fair for industrial technology. In hall 16, booth D16, visitors can obtain expert guidance for safeguarding their software applications from piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering, insights on the best practices for software monetization, and a visionary glimpse of the future of technology.


As the company celebrates its 35th anniversary and the world is eager to embrace new technologies, Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, wants to leave an indelible mark at this year’s show: “This momentous occasion at Hannover Messe is not just a milestone for Wibu-Systems; it's a beacon for the future of cybersecurity and software licensing. With our pioneering CodeMeter technology and a suite of solutions designed to address today's most pressing challenges, we stand ready to empower industries across the globe. As we embark on guided tours and engage with peers, our goal is to forge a path toward a more secure, innovative, and sustainable digital landscape. Here's to unlocking new possibilities together.”

This year, Wibu-Systems is especially proud to introduce an exclusive series of guided tours led by Oliver Winzenried himself. These unique, curated journeys into the heart of industrial innovation offer attendees a firsthand look at how leading-edge companies are leveraging Wibu-Systems' revolutionary CodeMeter technology to achieve unparalleled levels of software protection, licensing efficiency, and security. Each 90-minute tour will highlight real-world applications and success stories, demonstrating the tangible benefits of the company’s solutions.

At its exhibit, Wibu-Systems is also unveiling a range of groundbreaking products that further cement its position as an innovator in the cybersecurity and software licensing arena. The integration of CodeMeter licensing solutions into containerized environments like Kubernetes and Docker marks a significant advancement in software protection and licensing adaptability. With dynamic management, scalability, flexibility, and robust security mechanisms, CodeMeter sets a new benchmark for license enforcement in containerized deployments. This solution is emblematic of Wibu-Systems' ongoing effort to address the evolving needs of the software industry, ensuring that licensing enforcement is seamless and secure in the face of technological advancements.

CodeMeter License Portal and CodeMeter Cloud are two additional pillars of Wibu-Systems' product showcase at Hannover Messe. The License Portal simplifies the license creation and management process, offering businesses a user-friendly interface to generate and customize licenses to meet their specific needs. This platform embodies Wibu-Systems' dedication to making software licensing more accessible and manageable for businesses of all sizes. On the other hand, CodeMeter Cloud represents a leap forward in licensing flexibility and scalability. By facilitating the migration of licensing operations to the cloud, this solution eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure, thereby streamlining the licensing process and enabling businesses to adapt more quickly to market changes.

Wibu-Systems also introduces enhanced software protection with CodeMeter AxProtector for .NET 8 and AxProtector Compile Time Protection (CTP). The support for .NET 8 with CodeMeter AxProtector underscores Wibu-Systems' commitment to keeping pace with the latest developments in software development frameworks, providing developers with the tools they need to protect their .NET applications efficiently. AxProtector CTP offers a unique approach to software protection, combining licensing and obfuscation to deliver protection levels that rival encryption-based tools. This method ensures that applications are secured against reverse engineering attacks, further demonstrating Wibu-Systems' expertise in developing innovative solutions to meet the industry's security challenges.

The Hannover Messe also serves as a platform for Wibu-Systems to delve into current hot issues through two insightful lectures. Dr. Carmen Kempka, the company’s Corporate Technology Director, will explore the vulnerabilities within the machine learning lifecycle and propose comprehensive strategies to secure these systems against IT threats. This presentation, which will be held in Hall 8, booth D17, on April 24 at 1:50 pm, highlights the critical importance of safeguarding intellectual property and sensitive training data in the era of AI and machine learning. In another lecture taking place in Hall 16, booth A12/24, on April 26, at 11 am, Stefan Bamberg, Sales & KAM Director, will discuss the license lifecycle, emphasizing the balance between IP protection and monetization. This talk underscores the dynamic nature of software licensing and its critical role in enabling flexible business models while protecting knowledge and data from unauthorized access.

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