Creating, delivering, and managing licenses made easy


Putting a license on a dongle and sending it to its intended user seems child’s play. But what if the license needs to be bound to a specific device to work as an offline license, or assigned to a specific user as a user-bound cloud license? How do processes have to change when licenses get updated? What happens when users lose or break their devices and the licenses stored on them? Or when users forget their login credentials? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single system that has all these processes covered under one roof? CodeMeter License Central is the versatile license and entitlement management system you are looking for – the entire license lifecycle is covered, whether we are talking about licenses on physical dongles, files on PCs, or user accounts living in the cloud.

Just like the product items created in a typical ERP system, CodeMeter License Central works by defining Product Items that represent digital products sold or licensed either individually or as bundles. The configuration lets you choose the license form and binding type, with all the many options supported by CodeMeter at your disposal, ranging from standalone licenses, floating network licenses, named user licenses, to subscription, feature-on-demand, pay-per-use or any type of trial and demo licenses. The choice is just as flexible when it comes to selecting the type of container:

  • Secure and mobile CodeMeter hardware units (CmDongles)
  • Offline, immediately available software containers bound to a target device (CmActLicenses)
  • User-bound mobile containers in the Wibu cloud (CmCloudContainers)

A single Product Item can also accommodate multiple types of containers, giving your end users full freedom of choice.

One great advantage of CodeMeter License Central is its clever and standardized process for creating and delivering licenses: You pick one or a combination of Product Items and create one or more licenses for them. The system gives you an activation code, known as a ticket in the CodeMeter License Central world. You then send this ticket to your end users, who can activate the license themselves. For licenses bound to a device, the system captures a unique fingerprint of the device in question and automatically sends it back to CodeMeter License Central or, if the device in question happens to be offline, prepares a transfer file to be uploaded manually. For licenses bound to user accounts in the cloud, the system can even create the necessary account automatically as part of the activation process.

Another reason why people opt for CodeMeter License Central is its great self-service capabilities: Users cannot only activate their licenses themselves, but also be allowed to move their licenses to other PCs or onto dongles, or even transfer them to other users. There is a secure process – which you can monitor and control – that allows users to recover lost licenses. This allows users to continue using their software with a replacement license without much hassle, and the old, lost license is blacklisted. You can check at any point how often a user needs this option and intervene if you suspect fraud.

Two words explain the third great reason for CodeMeter License Central: Integration and automation. CodeMeter License Central is designed to integrate and play nicely with CRM, ERP, and e-commerce systems, letting you create licenses automatically and in the background by simple REST or SOAP API. The relevant activation data can either be passed through CodeMeter License Central or called up directly if need be.

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Our agenda for the webinar:

  • The fundamental principles behind CodeMeter License Central
  • Basic configuration
  • Creating Product Items
  • Creating licenses
  • Activating licenses by the users
  • Support opportunities for lost licenses
  • Analytics
  • Interfaces for automation

Do not miss this opportunity to get familiar with the fundamentals of CodeMeter License Central and discover what it can do for you when it comes to creating, delivering, and managing licenses for your software.

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