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Tutoring for children with learning disabilities in Honduras

Education is one of the most important levers for breaking out of the poverty spiral. This also applies to the children growing up in rural areas in Honduras. In the valley of Mata de Platano, nph has been operating a family center since 2020 and offers poor families their support in the areas of health, psychosocial support, support for children with disabilities – and education. A key offer is tutoring for primary school children and individual support for children with learning disabilities, reading support, and speech therapy. The parents, who often do not have a qualified education, are unable to support their children themselves. Without support, however, the children have no chance of graduating from school and no prospect of building a secure livelihood later on. This help is a vital investment in the children's future.

Who is nph?

nph (nuestros pequeños hermanos - our little brothers and sisters) was founded in 1954 by Padre William Wasson in Mexico. nph Kinderhilfe Lateinamerika e. V. was founded in 1985 and is located in Karlsruhe and Berlin, Germany.

nph creates life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged and vulnerable children and youth living in extreme conditions. Through a comprehensive approach that embraces the whole child, nph supports children to become independent, caring adults who give back to their communities – shaping better futures for themeselves, their families and their world.

nph is based in nine Latin American countries and supports more than 3.000 children and youth on their way to lead an independent and self-determined life.

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