ET Technology 2019

2019-11-20 - 2019-11-22
Yokohama, Japan

Despite the buzz created by the ideas of smart factories and the IoT, the operators of modern industrial equipment should never ignore the legitimate security concerns that come along with these new possibilities. In order to develop a flourishing business in this new world, software and digital assets need to be monetized securely and effectively. This is the challenge taken up by Wibu-Systems with its leading-edge encryption technology, developed to protect equipment control software and operating data from malicious attacks and reverse engineering and to restrict the right to handle this information with clever license management. We will introduce the software protection and license management capabilities provided by CodeMeter solution at Toshiba Information Systems Co., Ltd.'s exhibit. CodeMeter supports multiple devices (computer, embedded systems, PLC systems, microcontrollers) and runs on multiple industrial systems (Android, Linux, QNX, and VxWorks, Windows) and architectures (ARM, x86, MIPS, PowerPC). In addition, CodeMeter can use hardware, software, and cloud containers to store sensitive information as well as digital keys and software licenses. Come and see CodeMeter in action and experience how to it can be used to protect and monetize data and software. Software Development Kits are available upon request. In addition, from 3 pm on the 22nd (Friday), our Representative Director, Mr Maruyama will hold a special seminar on real-life applications of users monetizing and protecting their assets with CodeMeter licensing management system.

Seminar Information

Nov. 22nd Fri. 3:00-3:40pm
Security & Monetization: Software protection & licensing solution ensures business innovation for embedded software.

Industrial devices in the Industry 4.0 era have begun to use IoT technology to connect to greater networks. With this transformation, the software embedded in industrial machines is creating new revenue opportunities for enterprises in the field. In this talk, we will introduce the current situation of the change from the “sold-out” model to the “license-sold” model by looking at the use case of Siemens in Germany and explaining CodeMeter and how its features combine software protection with powerful licensing capabilities.

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