Wibu-Systems announces customer-centric innovations in Software License Management


Webinars informs ISVs about software monetization – based on a study by Frost & Sullivan

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan study, software monetization is the key concept enabling software development companies to thrive in today’s competitive environment and helps to ensure their relevancy into the future. The study also demonstrates that the creation and use of a secure, yet comprehensive license management solution is fundamental to success. The path to effective monetization begins with strategic planning in the earliest stages of the development process.

Frost & Sullivan, the leader in growth consulting, conducted a series of customer surveys regarding the requirements and needs for software monetization and license management. The company recently released a white paper that sheds light on various aspects of a successful software monetization solution; which range from business-enabling licensing architectures to resilience against hacking. “In a challenging global economy, vendors and customers alike are seeking to grow their top line revenues while controlling bottom line costs. ISVs can no longer afford to dictate onerous licensing terms to their customers. Changing times demand that ISVs adapt towards customer-centric business models and customer-friendly enforcement, even as they improve their capability to control piracy and theft of intellectual property,” said Avni Rambhia, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Wibu-Systems, founded in 1989, devotes its resources to provide solutions that enable ISVs to enhance their monetization efforts.  Wibu-Systems has vast experience in helping ISVs in all verticals and disciplines, independent of their size. Companies like Bosch, Sirona, Rockwell, GE and Wincor-Nixdorf, as well as thousands of mid-sized companies around the world have increased revenue and cut costs through the use of solutions from Wibu-Systems.

Security is one of the key differentiators that propels Wibu-Systems to the forefront amongst license vendors – securing the license and intellectual property of the ISV. Wibu-Systems excels in enabling software monetization by providing a flexible license platform that delivers features and functionality on-demand for the ISV's end users.

Wibu-Systems will be hosting a series of webinars

to discuss their broad range of secure software licensing solutions for desktop and embedded vendors, and to discuss Frost & Sullivan’s findings related to the software license management market. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to directly engage with Wibu-Systems. Two upcoming events are scheduled for December 4 and January 15. Registrations available online at: www.wibu.com/fs.html

„Not only were we recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a Hot Vendor in their Global Software License Management Market Study but we are very proud to be mentioned as a clear example of a vendor with strong commitment to both functional requirements and security goals, from developer and end user perspectives, in their most recent study Best Practices in Software Monetization.The market is already following Wibu-Systems with great interest thanks to the diversity of our solutions; we are sure this additional analysis will guide ISV’s to a more informed decision making process,” states Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems.

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