SecSPS - Platform-independent software protection for embedded control systems

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) represent the currently predominant development model for the design of controlling and instrumentation solutions in automation technology. There are over 300 providers of active programmable electronic control solutions operating in the market. DIN EN 61131-3 is an IEC standard for programmable controllers, which defines five programming languages for controller design. A development system for controller design applying the DIN EN 61131-3 standards needs to include a modeling tool, a compiler, and a runtime system that map the design on the PLC hardware. CODESYS made by CODESYS GmbH is a cross-platform development tool that can be implemented on almost any hardware controller. For customers of CODESYS GmbH, software and PLC programs are becoming larger in size and increasingly valuable. Effective protection for this software is essential when trying to safeguard product development and innovation leadership.
Objectives and Approach
The overall objective of the project is to give providers and users of PLC solutions a handy tool for the protection of control software that they can integrate transparently into their automation solutions, along the entire value chain (hardware, control, automation solution). The goal was achieved by integrating the DRM system of Wibu-Systems in CODESYS.

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