Now taking tenants: Flexible co-working spaces in the IT Security Club


A crucible for IT security talent

The newly born IT Security Club in the heart of Karlsruhe, Germany, offers an incredible array of membership options to tenants and non-tenants of the modern co-working spaces designed for IT security specialists

A new creative hub for IT talent, the IT Security Club offers start-ups and established enterprises, government bodies and research institutes working in the field of IT security access to a unique, flexible co-working space. The IT Security Club is located in the House of IT Security at Karlsruhe’s Zimmerstrasse 3, right next to the new head offices of Wibu-Systems, a leading provider of software protection, licensing, and security solutions.

The IT Security Club was initiated by Wibu-Systems as a shared venture with archis Architekten + Ingenieure, headed by its executive duo, Elke Winzenried and Natalie Wieland. Archis Architekten + Ingenieure took charge of designing the modern, but eminently practical working environment, while Wibu-Systems is a strong ambassador for the topic of IT security. The company is dedicated to promoting IT security research and practice in cooperation with leading academic institutions and private enterprises in the field and will be available to contribute to promising collaborative projects.

One of the unique features of the IT Security Club is the presence of an experienced innovation manager, whose services can be booked by tenants and non-tenants alike. The innovation manager will support them with finding cooperation partners or applying for domestic (if the company is headquartered in Germany) or EU funding for their IT security ventures. The innovation manager will also host innovation workshops where new ideas and concepts are born, help draft marketing concepts for products created in the research projects, find and analyze the requirements of pilot users, and scan the market for potential competitors.

The two stories of the House of IT Security feature not just attractive and modern workplaces, but also communal areas and meeting spaces. Tenants of the co-working space have a range of lease options to choose from: There are 12 desks in closed offices, 26 private desks for uninterrupted work in a more intimate space, 34 permanently assigned fixed desks, and 56 flex-desks for people to have their free pick upon arrival. All places are equipped with modern, auto-adjustable desks and ergonomically designed chairs. Vitra furniture and lighting by Artemide underline the quality of the space. The facilities include the Work Café, meeting rooms, the Agora, and the work lounges, where tenants and members can come together and share in the community spirit.

The beauty of the place is not just skin deep: The sense of quality visible in the interiors and design also extends to the energy efficient and sustainable architecture of the building itself. The House of IT Security is equipped with solar power, smart thermal / cooling fins for noiseless air conditioning, and both natural window and built-in ventilation. The materials for the building were selected with the same care given to the building services and infrastructure.

The co-working spaces are officially accepting tenants since January 2022. Short-term leases, starting at only three months duration, offer exceptional flexibility for prospective tenants. Alongside the actual work spaces, the leases include reception services, drinking water, power, internet and WLAN connectivity, professional IT equipment including printers and scanners, private lockers, 24/7 access with intelligent access controls, cleaning services, and showers on site. Depending on the category, leases range between €310 and €550 per month, and non-tenants can benefit from a special passive membership deal for only €360 or active membership for €750 per year. Passive members have access to the Work Café, while active members can also use the attractive meeting rooms. The innovation manager’s services are available for 3960€ per year for tenants and €4800 per year for non-tenants.

Elke Winzenried explains the thinking behind the IT Security Club: “The members and tenants of our IT Security Club have the great opportunity to focus on one of the most pressing issues of our time: IT security in all its forms. And they can join in a creative community of like-minded specialists in an inspiring atmosphere. The benefits for our tenants include the all-inclusive packages and optional services of our innovation manager.”

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