Quo vadis CodeMeter

Quo vadis CodeMeter?

Many trends come. Some stay, others find a niche, but most disappear for good. It can be just as fatal for an organization to miss a trend as it can be for it to waste valuable resources following one which goes as quickly as it came. How does Wibu-Systems face this challenge and decide which trends are worthy of a look?

Continuity and innovation

Our principal aim is to establish reliable and long term partnerships with our customers and provide them with high-value, high-quality products and solutions tailored to their needs. Although we are dedicated to long-term collaboration with our customers, we are also quick off the mark to provide them with support for new technologies – a fact we have proved many times in the past. The USB dongle and support for the .NET framework are just two examples of groundbreaking ideas from Wibu-Systems.

Perhaps you wonder how Wibu-Systems tackles the two opposing concepts of continuity and innovation?

Wibu-Systems’ first priority is to focus on its core competencies (i.e., the protection and licensing of digital intellectual property).

Our Innovation Team carefully examines new trends, sometimes in cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT), the Research Center for Information Technology (FZI) or other institutions. By participating in numerous partner and early adopter programs, we are able to evaluate new trends at an early stage.

Our Architecture Team is responsible for seamlessly integrating our latest innovations into existing products and solutions so as to optimize the effects of synergy.

Our solutions for you

Wibu-Systems’ main goals for the future are:

  • Software protection and licensing. As a vendor of classical software you have always been able to depend on continuity with Wibu-Systems. We can reassure you, that you’ll be able do so in the future as well.
  • Document protection and licensing. Hidden champions in diverse sectors such as road milling and woodworking machines already use Wibu-Systems solutions to protect their service documentation. The technology used here is the same as the well-proven technology used to protect software. The license models and the license generation, shipment and management processes are exactly the same. The only difference is an extra module needed to integrate the technology into Adobe Acrobat®.
  • Embedded device protection and ­licensing. Our solutions are already in widespread use in the automation industry thanks to our successful partnerships in this area. Solutions include protection of machine construction data, protection of PLC software from piracy and reverse engineering, integrity protection and authorization of PLC software, and licensing of on-demand features. Once again, the solutions are based on our well-proven CodeMeter technology. Our Embedded Team is responsible for making the special adjustments required by PLCs.
  • Protection, licensing and authentication in the cloud. Our solutions in the cloud are based on our well-proven CodeMeter technology and are available to software vendors who want to license and protect their software. There are occasions where protection as well as authentication is required. CodeMeter is particularly well-suited here as its basic technology covers both aspects: authentication uses asymmetric methods while protection uses symmetric ones. And it goes without saying that our Cloud Team uses synergies from the basic development so as not to put a strain on the core resources of Wibu-Systems.

Wibu-Systems has enjoyed continual expansion over the last few years, a growth completely funded through its own resources. The development of new lines of business will have no detrimental effect on existing solutions and products. As our customer and partner, you can rely on us in the future to provide the products you need. We’re committed to being your ideal partner in a longstanding and successful business relationship!          


KEYnote 24 – Edition Fall 2012   

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