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New Data Center Partner

In August 2020, the Wibu Operating Services (WOPS) officially arrived in their new home: WIBU-SYSTEMS AG’s very own data center. From the initial evaluation and planning to the completed migration, the twelve-month effort could not have been the success it was without the professional cooperation and goodwill – and the patience – of the clients who joined us on this journey. Thank you!


The decision to move to a new data center partner was born from a number of reasons, not least of which, the great growth record of Wibu Operating Services. As more and more clients benefit from our services, their needs and requirements also grow in scale: High availability and 24/7 data center operations have long been standard, but more attention has shifted to information security management (ISMS) concepts, business continuity management (BCMS), data protection (EU GDPR), or security in the cloud, all coming with a profusion of national and international certifications.

CmCloud also brings new challenges for Wibu Operating Services. It needs powerful clustered in-memory database systems whose operation depends on ready access to external expertise. The technical processes happening in the background also have to become far more efficient as the number of systems multiplies, but real IT talent remains in short supply.

Wibu-Systems resolved to tackle the challenges head-on with the decision to move to a new data center partner, without any changes to or effects on the standards of service guaranteed by our existing hosting contracts.

The New Partner

After careful evaluation and deliberation, we chose to go with Claranet GmbH in Frankfurt. Claranet operates two data centers in the city,keeping the data of our clients within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and protected by the rights and assurances of German law. The Claranet Group maintains other data centers across Western Europe, potentially opening an avenue for international expansion or geo-clustering. Our new partner’s repeat ranking as a “Cloud” leader in the Gartner® ranking is testament to Claranet’s abilities.


The decision in favor of a new data center partner allows Wibu Operating Services to take its service quality to a new level for our clients. To name just a few improvements:

  • The two previous redundant carriers are now expanded to a full quartet.
  • The technical team of the data center has grown considerably with new talent.
  • The Wibu Operating Service team has access to more comfortable and efficient tools that will make installation and maintenance processes a breeze.
  • The systems have become easier to scale; resources can be added online without needing to wait for a maintenance window.
  • A best-in-class admin platform is in place to make tasks more efficient or even fully automated (API). This promises a faster and more efficient response to our client’s special requirements.
  • Wibu Operating Services offers a new and expanded technical portfolio (e.g. penetration tests).
  • Many services can now be offered in certified form.


With the aid of our partners at Claranet, Wibu Operating Services now possess the following certifications and proofs of compliance:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISMS)
  • ISO/IEC 27018:2014 (Cloud)
  • ISO/IEC 27017:2015 (Cloud
  • ISO/IEC 22301:2012 (BCMS)
  • ISO 9001:2015 (Cloud)
  • SOC 2 Type II Report in accordance with ISAE 3402 (Quality)
  • CSA STAR CAIQ Version 3.0.1 (Security)
  • Trusted Cloud Label of the BMWi
  • CHECK 28 data protection audit (DSGVO Art. 28)

For more information, visit the official website of Claranet.


As part of the migration, virtually all CodeMeter License Central installations of our clients were moved to the most recent version. Any cases that could not be updated immediately due to custom changes or adjustments were moved into a special network zone for the transition period to prevent any disruptions or interference between installations. Monitoring has been optimized again for CodeMeter License Central, made possible by the redesign of our key systems (reverse proxy server, load balancer, database cluster).

Wolfgang Voelker
Director Wibu Operating Services
"We are proud of the even better quality and greater range of services we can offer our clients now. The WOPS team is looking forward to exciting new projects to take on, with the great capabilities of our new data center partner".

KEYnote 40 – Edition Fall 2020

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