Connected and secure: Integrity protection for embedded operating systems (EmbOSYST)


Embedded systems have become ubiquitous. They guarantee the smooth and safe operation of machinery and transport equipment, while preventing harm to humans or production plants. Now that these systems are accessible from the outside (e.g. for maintenance) via standard network protocols such as TCP/IP, the question arises: How can sufficient IT security be guaranteed? For every external attack can compromise security and overall safety.

Objectives and Approach

The aim of the EmbOSYST project is the research and development of protection mechanisms for the adequate, confidential and secure operation of an embedded real-time operating system in an open Internet environment. Based on a new hardware architectural concept, the integrity of an embedded system is to be certified for its entire lifecycle.

Innovations and Perspectives

The target hardware architecture includes a special FPGA component as web server working in conjunction with flash memory and a smart card chip. The target demonstrator is to protect the integrity of the real-time operating system and its applications. Possible application scenarios are located in all network types and aspects of industrial automation, extending to avionics or medical technology.

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