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Oliver Winzenried, CEO WIBU-SYSTEMS AG

Oliver Winzenried

Co-founder and CEO of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG Germany

With a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University in Karlsruhe, Oliver began his entrepreneurial career immediately after completing his studies, and focused on electronic and ASIC design, hardware, microcontroller and embedded application development for consumer electronics, automotive and industrial engineering. With Marcellus Buchheit at his side, he then founded WIBU-SYSTEMS in 1989, and remains the company's CEO. His passion for software protection has resulted in numerous patents covering areas from secure license management and anti-tampering solutions to dongle feature innovations. He is personally committed to R&D projects and organizations for standardization, such as the SD Card Association. Oliver Winzenried is also serving as Head of the Board of the Product and Know-how Protection “Protect-ing” working group of VDMA, member of the board of directors of the Medical Technology working group of VDMA, member of the board of directors of bitkom, and member of the managing board of the Foerderverein of the Research Center (FZI) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). In 2015, he has been elected Manager of the Year in the Automation category by the readers of the German electronics publication Markt&Technik.

Marcellus Buchheit, Vorstand WIBU-SYSTEMS USA Inc.

Marcellus Buchheit

Co-founder of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, President and CEO of WIBU-SYSTEMS USA

Marcellus Buchheit was awarded his Master's degree in computer science by the University of Karlsruhe in 1989. As a professional computer scientist, Marcellus Buchheit knows professional software development inside out. He also has profound knowledge of encryption technology, Internet standards, hardware controls and Windows development (having authored a standard reference work in the field). As Regional Director at Microsoft, he monitored PC software trends and Internet standards between 1996 and 2004.

Marcel Hartgerink, General Manager of WIBU-SYSTEMS NV, - BV, - LTD, and Spain

Marcel Hartgerink


Marcel Hartgerink studied electronic engineering and developed his first software protection system for Atari-ST computers in 1988. He was later involved in developing biometric authentication systems for large corporations. In addition to his technical background, Marcel is also an expert in marketing innovative solutions.

He is currently General Manager of WIBU-SYSTEMS NV, WIBU-SYSTEMS BV, WIBU-SYSTEMS LTD and WIBU-SYSTEMS SARL, and is in charge of sales and marketing in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, the UK and Ireland.

COO and Sales Director of Wibu-Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Dola Zou

COO and Sales Director of WIBU-SYSTEMS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

After graduating at the University of Post and Telecommunication in Beijing with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Engineering, Dola gained a total of nine years of experience in software protection and licensing before joining WIBU-SYSTEMS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as COO and Sales Director in March 2009.
Dola Zou is responsible for expanding the market share of Wibu-Systems software protection portfolio in the Greater China Region and contributing to increasing awareness concerning the company’s core strengths in embedded systems protection throughout China’s manufacturing controls industry.