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CodeMeter® protection technology from Wibu-Systems offers secure protection and effective license control for software and digital documents. At the core of CodeMeter® is secure copy protection hardware.

Your benefits:

  • Both software- and hardware-based protection and licensing solutions
  • Standardized yet flexible:
  • Standardized system for dongle and software-based activations
  • Standardized support for all PC operating systems and a wide range of embedded operating systems
  • Straightforward integration into ERP systems
  • Worldwide support and competent service covering all aspects of the product
  • Quality product made in Germany
  • Tested in the Hacker's Contest
  • Patented technology with guaranteed availability for many years to come

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WibuKey is our more than 20 year old, tried and tested dongle solution to protect your software. Moreover it comes in a variety of hardware form factors for most PC interfaces and all operating systems. Its availability is guaranteed for many years to come.

You can use WibuKey to protect your single-user license, or floating licenses in a network. The insides of the WibuKey can be flexibly modified via a secure remote programming interface.

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Wibu-Systems products compared

Feature WibuKey CodeMeter
Single-user + +
Network + +
License Borrowing - +
Entries up to 10 <6.000
Modules per Dongle up to 240 <100.000
USB + +
PC Card + +
Express Card - +
SD Card - +
µSD Card - +
CF Card - +
LPT + -
COM + -
ASIC + +
Software based activation - +
Expiration Time + +
Internal realtime-clock - +
License memory 16 kByte 60 / 384 kByte
Option: flash memory - up to 16GByte
Updateable firmware - +
No kernel driver - +
Remote update file + +
Internet remote update + +
License Central - +
Encryption algorithms FEAL AES, RSA, ECC
Encrypted communication - +
Certificates UL (Underwriter Laboratories), VDE, FCC, VCCI, KCC, CE