Certificates for Authenticity, Authentication or both?



Digital certificates are a landmark in security history. Since their introduction, vendors and users have taken advantage of encrypted communication in secure email exchanges, file and disk cryptography, and secure logon to local and online systems. Law makers have taken decisive steps in promoting their applications and regulating their usage. Despite their effectiveness however, certificates still appear cryptic and cumbersome to many.

With this new masterclass, we would like to offer a comprehensive overview about certificate fundamentals and their potent role in relation to software protection, licensing and security. Through certificates, ISVs and intelligent device manufacturers can implement software authenticity and enforce user authentication, thus ensuring software integrity and access right management.

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In this new webinar, we are going to illustrate:

  • What are certificates
    • Overview of asymmetric cryptography
    • How to identify a key as authentic
    • Self-signed certificates
    • Root certificates
    • Certificate chains
    • Revokation lists
  • Main applications for the use of certificates
  • Use case of a server certificate
    • Creation of a server certificate
    • Server requirements
  • Use case of a client certificate
    • Creation of a client certificate
    • Server requirements
    • Storage of client certificate on the PC
    • Demo with CodeMeter License Central
  • Certificate storage
    • Storage on a PC
    • Storage on a PC as a file
    • Storage on a PC with CSSI middleware
  • Certificates in software security
    • Authenticode
    • Certificate-based CodeMeter Universal Firm Code
    • Code integrity in AxProtector with certificates

Whether you are dealing with a computer-based or an embedded system application, certificates have reshaped the whole software security sphere.

Wibu-Systems technology is certificate-ready for straightforward integration. Smart card chips embedded in our devices, as well as security tools encompassed in our software protection tools simplify the use of certificates.

This is your chance to become certificate savvy and embark on a new journey towards a smarter use of certificates.

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