Premiere at SPS 2013: The new CmStick/M offers CodeMeter security with encrypted USB Flash Drive


Top security with encrypted data in highly flexible flash configurations from 128MB to 128GB

The new CmStick/M with a flexible storage architecture.

CodeMeter is globally acknowledged as a smart card based solution for integrity protection, know-how protection and flexible licensing of software and data. The new CmStick/M blends these security properties with an encrypted fast flash drive; the result is a compact USB stick having a sturdy and classy metal body. Wibu-Systems introduces this new device at SPS IPC Drives 2013, booth 640, hall 7.

The CmStick/M includes the CodeMeter smart card chip characterized by its extreme security features, and a new 32-bit ARM-based USB controller equipped with hardware AES encryption. Thus, all data is stored encrypted on the flash memory. An internal μSD socket allows the alternative use of high-quality SLC flash memory, ideal for industrial usage, or cost effective MLC. An additional variant makes use of eMMC NAND flash.

The CmStick/M (P/N 1011-03-xxx) is available with a capacity ranging between 128MB and 16GB in case of SLC flash memory, or 8 to 128GB for MLC; it optionally comes with extended environment temperature range.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, explains:  “The new CmStick/M combines CodeMeter and USB flash drive functionalities with unprecedented flexibility and security. The complete AES encryption of data on the NAND memory without loss in performance allows the integration of flash memory in the form of a μSD card inside the CmStick/M. Hence, depending on customers’ requirements, cost effective MLC memory or wide range temperature supporting and high reliable SLC memory can be used.”

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