Wibu-Systems’ vision for the future of industrial automation at SAVE


The digital revolution between progress and principle

At SAVE’s June/July event, Wibu-Systems explores opportunities to refashion established value chains.

Wibu-Systems is joining the Italian industrial automation expo SAVE for the very first time in a year that sees the show take on a novel digital format. Between 30 June and 3 July, a special digital platform will be set up to host sessions on maintenance 4.0, diagnostics, predictive analytics, monitoring solutions, controlling and supervision systems, industrial automation and Industry 4.0, smart instruments, and cyber-security. Wibu-Systems will contribute its unique combination of innovative software, firmware, and information security technology with novel monetization solutions for digital assets.

The COVID19 pandemic has caught the world unawares, coming at a historical juncture, as artificial intelligence, 5G, and post-quantum-computing are finally becoming a reality. At the same time, the lockdown has given the world’s connected capabilities a first true practice run: a sudden mass migration to online services for work and leisure compared to the pre-pandemic situation. Serendipity has set a strong precedent that promises to give truly digital enterprises new momentum in all walks of life, not just the industrial world. Ditherers and doubters now have no real option but to adjust, to rethink their workplace realities and forms of cooperation, to guarantee the continued operation of their businesses and facilities even in global emergencies no one expected, and to put in place the means to manage people and goods to track their movements, monitor public health, and understand the behavior of entire populations.

Technologies like modern robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, or software-as-a-service will be essential for the switch from a conventional economy to an increasingly connected, mobile, and virtualized way of doing business. However, the visions of smart cities and smart factories depend on sensors, tools for collecting and processing data that are always connected to the Internet, making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Security problems abound as a result of the proliferation of insecure edge computing devices or remote collaboration tools used in home offices during lockdown, often outside the reach of corporate IT security provisions.

In this massive shift to digital, cyber-security has become an indispensable cornerstone. The growing popularity of cloud applications and services calls for a new look at the means to protect the integrity of software downloads and installations, the security of firmware, the issuing of secure licenses, and the protection of all digital assets, wherever they may be used or stored at any given moment.

Wibu-Systems is celebrating 30 years in its business, during which it has stayed true to its mission and constantly expanded its competences for the industrial world, empowering the developers of software for industrial computers, embedded systems, PLCs, and microcontrollers with perfectly interoperable ways to secure their smart devices with innovative technologies, including secure booting, authentication protocols, or sophisticated cryptographic methods, to guarantee the integrity of their systems and the security of their data.

Wibu-Systems will take to the virtual stage at two events during SAVE:

  • At 10.40 am on July 2nd, the session on “Best Practices for Software Trustworthiness in IIoT Applications” will address how software trustworthiness defines how reliably software can operate in line with its requirements, safe from outside interference and protected from the risk of service disruptions, productivity losses, and material damage or even physical harm.
  • This is followed at 3.10 pm on July 2nd with a special webinar on “Reimagining the Value Chain for a New Industrial Renaissance”, which will cast a light on ways to efficiently capture the potential of the digital transformation by switching the mental paradigm from hardware to software, recognizing the immense new business opportunities, and proactively combatting the novel challenges to IT security it brings.

Daniela Previtali, Global Marketing Director for Wibu-Systems, believes: “We have come to a real crossroads: One choice takes us to a future where technological innovation is left to run rampant and damage the fabric of our society. The other choice channels our innovative capacities into a human-centric and ethically informed direction. They both promise freedom for software developers, the makers of smart devices, their users, and society as a whole to create new value with novel servitization models, to be more aware of our resources and our environmental footprint, and to guarantee a better life for people around the globe.”

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