Wibu-Systems introduces secure password management for Siemens’ TIA Portal


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Wibu-Systems introduces secure password management for Siemens‘ TIA Portal.

Wibu-Systems has developed a password provider for the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal V14 SP1 or higher of Siemens based on their Password API. Visitors of Wibu-Systems’ exhibit at SPS IPC Drives, hall 7, booth 660, will have an opportunity to learn how to store and manage their TIA Portal passwords in a remarkably sophisticated secure hardware element.

The engineering data that are stored in the TIA Portal are often very sensitive in nature. While online teamwork is highly effective, logical access controls are paramount to make sure that only entitled users can view and edit only those projects they have full rights to.

With Siemens’ Password API, Wibu-Systems created a password provider that streamlines know-how and write protection and, in turn, increases the access control and engineering data protection measures. Rather than being susceptible to disclosure, passwords can now be safely stored in Wibu-Systems’ CmDongles, hardware secure repositories that come in several form factors, including USB sticks (with optional flash memory), memory cards (SD, microSD, CF, and CFast type), and ASICs. Access controls by timer or unit counter govern the ability to access or edit the engineering data.

CmDongles are operated with CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems’ flagship technology that incorporates state-of-the-art proprietary encryption methods based on public symmetric and asymmetric standards, like AES 256-bit, RSA 2048-bit, and ECC. Its specific password management tool is flexible enough to allow the creation and administration of passwords in accordance with the customers’ requirements and secure enough to safeguard the digital identity of the TIA Portal’s users. Passwords are transferred online or offline, conferring additional versatility to the solution.

Wibu-Systems is not new to extending its core technology beyond the boundaries of traditional corporate software to meet the needs of the connected industrial age. B&R has implemented CodeMeter in their Automation Studio development tools as well as in the runtime of their automation PCs; each automation PC is delivered with a CmStick that protects their IP and allows their customers to safeguard their own licenses. 3S-Smart Software Solutions chose CodeMeter for their CODESYS Development Tools and CODESYS Runtime to protect the source code in projects and on the target system. Together with Rockwell Automation, Wibu-Systems developed License-based Protection, a security suite that consists of three components: Source Protection for the protection of sensitive code, Execution Protection for the protection of runtime in controllers, and a web portal for license and entitlement management.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, shares his pioneering vision: “We are obsessed with security and therefore glad to be able to offer a small, but significant building block to the TIA Portal. With our CodeMeter password management technology, manufacturers can easily manage and protect their invaluable digital know-how. The cloud-based deployment of passwords facilitated by CodeMeter License Central simplifies their distribution and assignment.”

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