Embedded Development Kit for CodeMeter Supporting VxWorks Delivers IP Protection, Tamper Protection and License Management for Emerson Network Power NITX-315 Motherboards


The new Embedded Development Kit from Wibu-Systems, Emerson Network Power and Wind River integrated with CodeMeter technology.

Wibu-Systems, an innovative security technology leader in the global market of lifecycle software licensing, has announced today the release of the Embedded Development Kit for CodeMeter® supporting VxWorks (EDK), which will provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a unique solution out of the box jointly offering complete IP protection, secure boot and embedded license management.

The EDK includes milestones of Wibu-Systems portfolio: CodeMeter Runtime for Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system, CodeMeter AxProtector, the protection tools integrated with Wind River Eclipse-based Workbench, and the smart card powered security CmDongles, namely CmStick/M, CmCard/µSD and CmStck/C, all hardware form factors relying on the award winning CodeMeter technology. The CmStick/M comes with a preloaded bootable Linux distribution along with the tools for PC developers; the CmCard/µSD includes the image of VxWorks and the applications for the target board; CmStick/C contains the license for additional features of the target board. The Emerson Network Power NITX-315 is a Nano-ITX embedded motherboard, featuring the Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series, with low power consumption and passive cooling capability.

In particular, certain functionalities are proving especially effective in translating technical know-how into software monetization. Hardware root of trust, embedded software IP protection, embedded software license and flexible license management result in the complete prevention of jail break software, reverse-engineering and IP theft. Once code integrity is preserved through code signature, and the whole network is safe because no backdoor is left accessible through the device, the vendor can concentrate on his market strategy alone and even extend the business model to new licensing schemes that might for instance take into account features on demand or pay per use models.

Thanks to the close cooperation with Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson and a global leader in embedded computing technology, and Wind River, a world leader in embedded and mobile software, Wibu-Systems is adding top-notch security to all virtualized automation processes. Wibu-Systems is also a member of the Wind River Partner Validation Program and Emerson Network Power is a hardware partner and participant in the Wind River On-Board Program.

“There is currently no out-of-the-box solution in the industry that includes complete IP protection, secure boot with a hardware root of trust, and embedded license management, and that is exactly what we are bringing to the market with this EDK,” said Alexander Damisch, director of industrial solutions at Wind River. “Whether the OEM is active in the medical, energy or industrial arena, the EDK will ensure that the customer is using only genuine and authorized source code on the device; and through a quick and easy deployment, users will be able to considerably reduce development efforts and time to market.”

“Enabling the Wibu-Systems EDK on our NITX-315 embedded motherboard offers an outstanding level of integration for software protection, which is increasingly important to customers,” said Eric Gauthier, vice president of product marketing for Emerson Network Power’s Embedded Computing business. “This solution will help OEMs protect their know-how and maintain their competitive advantage longer, while increasing the security of their system, or a wide range of applications including medical devices, process controllers, and kiosks.”

“With Industry 4.0 catching speed and generating networked service infrastructures, Wibu-Systems is particularly excited to hold an active role in this revolution,” said Oliver Winzenried, CEO and Founder of Wibu-Systems. “The strategic partnership with Wind River has grown to a new level of maturity that allows both companies to leverage a combination of security and connectivity features in the machine-to-machine (M2M) world.”

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