Trustworthy Electronics – Research and Innovation for Digital Sovereignty

Virtual Event

Trust is a precious commodity, not just in private life, commerce, or international affairs, but also in digital relations. Trustworthy electronics and digital resources have indeed become paramount, as the world has come to realize their importance for technological sovereignty in a world that has moved beyond the analogue. The industrial capabilities, innovative performance, and commercial potential of entire economies now depend on their ability to maintain a reliable and trusted electronic infrastructure, always at risk of technological failure and threatened by malevolent state and non-state actors. As digitalization moves into more and more spheres of everyday life, from driverless cars to new communication systems and far more intimate areas like medical technology, trustworthy electronics reveal themselves as a concern for all of us.

With these considerations in mind, Germany’s Federal Ministry for Education and Research BMBF is promoting research in the field with the Trustworthy Electronics funding initiative ZEUS. On 14 April 2021, the BMBF is hosting a high-profile conference dedicated to the topic, introduced by Federal Minister Anja Karliczek and hosted by Dr. Stefan Mengel from the Ministry’s electronics, autonomous cars, and supercomputing section.

The many prominent contributors from leading industry actors, research institutes, and national and supranational agencies will include Wibu-Systems’ CEO and Co-Founder, Oliver Winzenried. His statement on hardware and software co-design for trustworthy products and processes, 9.40 to 9.50 am CEST, will address the company’s work in the VE-ASCOT project venture aimed at establishing a chain of trust with novel hardware secure elements. End-to-end trust in digital infrastructures and processes can safeguard the digital sovereignty that will become indispensable in smart industry, intelligent manufacturing, and digital life at large.

Meant for both the specialist community and the wider public, the Trustworthy Electronics conference will provide an opportunity to catch up – in virtual form – with the latest trends and developments in the field and discover what is happening and what is already possible for a safer, more sustainable, and trustworthy digital world.

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