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KoMiK – Digital Cooperation Systems for SMEs: Innovative Communication and Cooperation in Digital Work


Closing the Gaps in Networked Business Operations

In the knowledge economy, communication is the currency. What might sound like sloganeering has a very tangible reality for both SMEs and large enterprises behind it: As business operations become more and more complex and the monolithic companies of yesterday are beginning to lose their clearly demarcated boundaries in countless types of partnerships, consortia, project, workgroups, or cooperation ventures, a breakdown in communication or inefficiencies in collaboration can mean business opportunities lost, productive assets going idle, or simply money wasted.

Enterprise Collaboration Systems (ECS) provide a technological answer for this new type of complexity. The KoMiK project intends to understand what businesses require and how they can employ ECS to benefit fully from the collaborative potential of the modern business world.

General Goals of KoMiK

The KoMiK project explores and reveals the requirements, influencing forces, and success factors for a working ECS system in industry in a detailed longitudinal study. The intended screening tool will survey procedural and technological aspects as well as softer factors, including the acceptance of technology, communication, and training as well as the upskilling of the users. From the resulting set of specifications, a working ECS will be selected and introduced at Wibu-Systems to monitor and analyze the impact and take-up of the technology in practice:

  • How will the ECS affect business processes and communication?
  • Which technical, procedural, and educational factors influence the acceptance, perception, and competent use of the ECS?
  • Which requirements affect the introduction, use, formalization, and continuous upgrading of the system?
  • Does the ECS system have a measurable effect on processes, access to information, individual workloads and complexity, greater productivity, and an improved corporate cultural experience?

The Contribution of Wibu-Systems

As the chosen application partner for the KoMiK project, Wibu-Systems will be spearheading the process from the requirements analysis to the practical implementation and assessment of the working system:

  • Contributing to qualitative and quantitative analyses of requirements and processes.
  • Defining the requirements and selecting a target ECS.
  • Coordinating the introduction of the chosen EC and supporting on-going research with feedback and interim evaluations.
  • Documenting the results and contributing to academic and public communication on the project.
Project code: 02L17C544
Project code: 02L17C544