KEYnote 43: Subscriptions, additive manufacturing, and other novel business models made possible by CodeMeter


Exploring new cybersecurity technological advancements in the spring/summer issue of the Wibu-Systems’ magazine

The 43rd issue of KEYnote magazine from Wibu-Systems covers protection and licensing techniques applicable to additive manufacturing, subscription business models, and MATLAB applications

The 43rd issue of KEYnote, Wibu-Systems‘ popular semi-annual magazine focused on the company’s CodeMeter software protection, licensing, and security products and services, is now available online for reading or for download.

The cover story of this spring/summer issue features a seemingly old-and-unglamorous software distribution model that is coming into its own in today’s connected economy and smart industry: Subscription services. Long familiar from print media and the gaming or streaming market, subscription licenses have the potential to revolutionize business models in many other industries and professions. With more and more device features and capabilities determined not by the hardware’s limitations, but rather by software, the makers of smart devices now have the perfect tool to get their products into their clients’ offices, factories, hospitals, or homes. Subscriptions serve to lower the often exclusionary threshold of upfront equipment or installation costs for users while publishers gain a steady revenue stream of subscription fees in return. The risks of illicit use and lost revenue disappear if the device manufacturer opts for CodeMeter protection and licensing: The smart licensing settings allow a creative variety of subscription models with optional up-sell, add-on licenses for activating additional device features at the point of need.

Another hot topic addressed in KEYnote 43 is additive manufacturing: 3D printing finally realizes its full potential in the industrial world. The technology has the ability to make manufacturing-as-a-service a viable alternative to the monolithic and rigid supply chains that have revealed their shortcomings in the upheavals of the last two years. But this new flexibility and versatility comes at a cost, as the dependence on data flowing freely around the world brings new threats and risks of IP theft, manipulation, and piracy. Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology is the perfect solution to deal with this danger, as its encryption and licensing capabilities make it an ideal choice not only for protecting individual IP, but also for creating entire new data and service marketplaces with reliable security and dependable monetization options. This KEYnote article introduces real-life use cases that show the technology already in action in the automotive supply industry.

Cloud licensing is a popular choice for many companies venturing into new business models. Compared to software or hardware-bound licensing, cloud licenses promise an unprecedented level of freedom with the ability to access software or other protected IP from anywhere and at any time. An interesting KEYnote article describes the process for distributing and managing cloud licenses with CodeMeter.

This issue also provides readers with an introduction to Wibu-Systems’ multitool for software protection, CodeMeter Protection Suite. It provides a thorough description of the different AxProtector tools for encrypting and protecting software and data, including more specialized features like the dedicated IP Protection mode that is perfect for trial or freemium software or the unique CodeMoving technology for running particularly sensitive code.

MATLAB by MathWorks Inc. is a popular tool for numeric computing in many math-heavy industries and professions, from engineering to finance. Clever developers can turn their MATLAB solutions into standalone applications and build a business from their innovations. This hands-on article demonstrates how CodeMeter is the perfect choice for developers to encrypt, protect, and license their MATLAB standalone applications.

KEYnote 43 magazine also includes a look at CodeMeter’s ability to restrict licenses to individual regions by way of a geo-blocking; a peak behind the scenes at Wibu-Systems’ security incident response team; the training services offered by the technical specialists from Karlsruhe; and more news and updates from all around the CodeMeter world.

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