The journey of Digital Transformation in the IoT era

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More now than ever, organizations are under growing pressure to deal with rapidly changing market conditions, while they face a relentless barrage of digital technologies (i.e. IoT, AI, Digital Twin) that threaten to disrupt their business and market position.

Digital Transformation (DX) is the application of such technologies with the goal of disrupting business and operational models and delivering new outcomes and value to the market. The need for transformation is especially acute in organizations that operate major IoT systems in their enterprise solution stack. The inherent IT/OT divide in these systems and the significant differences between IT and OT disciplines (business, technology, operation, organization, culture, etc.) compound the complexities of transformation.

Join Bassam Zarkout, Executive Vice President, IGnPower, and Marcellus Buchheit, President and CEO of Wibu-Systems USA, as they explore these issues and present a framework that addresses the tactical and strategic aspects of the digital transformation journey. The speakers are co-chairs of the Industry IoT Consortium’s Digital Transformation Working Group, which is an umbrella group that provides transformational guidance and best practices for all aspects of developing and operating Digital Transformation solutions: innovation, vision and strategy development, business-case creation, architecture design, technology selection, implementation, testing, rollout, and operations.

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