Formnext 2023

2023-11-07 - 2023-11-10
Messe Frankfurt, Tor West, Strasse der Nationen, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Formnext 2023 is all about technology in action. The event, billed as “more than a conference”, is dedicated to one of the vanguard areas in modern industry – additive manufacturing and 3D printing on an industrial scale. This year’s AM community get-together is returning to Frankfurt with a double-track format: its talks and presentations are hosted on a technology and an application stage to showcase the diversity and versatility of additive manufacturing.

Wibu-Systems has long maintained a presence at Formnext to stay in touch with the movers and shakers and opinion makers in this exciting and innovation-heavy area of industry. Additive manufacturing is the manufacturing industry of tomorrow, made real today: It replaces the established order, with its slow ramp-up times, monolithic and inflexible hardware, and complicated, easily disrupted supply chains, with a new digital and IP-driven approach where data is king. 

At Formnext 2023, Wibu-Systems is joining the VDMA industry association in a shared booth to showcase CodeMeter’s potential as an IP protector and business enabler for additive manufacturing businesses. The expo team will be on site to introduce visitors to existing cooperation ventures like the successful technology partnership with Farsoon Technologies and Daimler Buses, where CodeMeter has become the backbone for a secure 3D-printed automotive parts business. Real-world success stories like these show the capabilities of a smart IP protection and licensing system for turning the technological potential of additive manufacturing into a thriving business and monetizing IP in this fast-expanding field of industry.


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