Compamed 2017

2017-11-13 - 2017-11-16
Messe Duesseldorf, Duesseldorf, Germany

As the leading international trade fair for the suppliers and manufacturers of medical technologies, Compamed is the showcase for complex high-tech solutions. Running in parallel with Medica, Compamed is well positioned to initiate dynamic interactions between the fields of medical technology and medical devices.

Microsystem technology solutions for mobile diagnostics, monitoring, and therapy systems are the current focal points for medical engineers. Smart sensors, energy storage systems for use in wearables, microtechnology applications for intelligent implants, or printed electronics offer predictive and reliable analytical tools. Still, the potential sources of unexpected attacks, whether intended or unintentional, have to be anticipated by design. With the proliferation of connected devices, the need to protect medical units against error, mishap, or malicious intent has skyrocketed.

You will have three opportunities to hear directly from Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems and member of VDMA (the German Engineering Federation) Medical Technology working group, and learn about cybersecurity and monetization best practices in the connected age:

  • On Nov. 14th, 12.45 to 1.15 pm, and again on Nov. 16th, 3.40 to 4.10 pm, at the Compamed Supplier Forum, Hall 8b, booth G40, Oliver will talk about New Business Models and Security Measures for Medical Device Manufacturers. Backed by a growing number of success stories, Oliver will explain the technology and business rationale behind leading medical technology companies like Fritz Stephan or Agfa HealthCare who chose to implement CodeMeter. These two vendors of emergency ventilation units and computed radiography equipment were able to offer their clients a modular license-based pricing structure that lets users in emerging countries and others with limited financial resources enjoy access to the latest technologies, perform regular online and untampered updates of their device software, and upgrade the devices in the field with new features at any time. Additionally, the vendors themselves can now expand their business globally and rest assured that their intellectual property investment in software development was fully protected by the strongest encryption methods available.
  • On Nov. 14th,  4.50 to 5.20 pm, Oliver will also take part in a panel discussion about “Cybersecurity - Current Threat Scenarios and Major Consequences for MedTech Manufacturers” alongside Oliver Lehmkuehler, Innovative Medizin NRW, Josef Krojer, System Industrie Electronic, and Steffen Zimmermann, VDMA, and hosted by Peter Reinhardt, Chief Editor of Devicemed, Vogel Publishing. The digital transformation is changing the rules of the game for medical devices as well: They are exposed to intensive global competition, increasingly connected to one another and to the hospital network, and more and more of their functions are realized by software. Therefore, protecting the IP and integrity of such software, securing communication, ensuring a reliable identity of the devices, and safeguarding configurations and patient data have become indispensable preconditions to guard against new threats and enjoy a thriving business.

You can find Wibu-Systems’ booth at VDMA Medical Technology space, an area that groups highly qualified vendors with a focus on the entire value chain, from material supply to mechanical engineering and medical technology manufacturing. The collaboration of all engineering healthcare stakeholders offers an important stimulus for more dialogue and new synergies.

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