Hokus Pokus Fidibus

WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, Zimmerstrasse 5, Karlsruhe, Germany

The Karlsruhe IT Security Initiative KA-IT-SI has prepared a very special behind-the-scenes event at Wibu-Systems on 15 September at 6 pm. As one of the very few developers and makers of security hardware in Germany, we are not just evangelists for secure IT and software, but ourselves a case study and, hopefully, role model for good practices in the field – and all that without magic and witchery.

A selection of our top specialists, including Dr Carmen Kempka (Director Corporate Technology), Dr Peer Wichmann (CISO), Ralf Fust (Director Hardware Development), Manuela Burkert (Head of Procurement and Production), Remo Albrecht (Head of Quality Management) and Oliver Winzenried (our CEO and founder), will be there to answer the visitors’ questions and tell them more about the challenges in the procurement, production, quality assurance, and certification of security hardware and our solutions to them. For us, this includes the particularly tough questions related to how to get a completely secure manufacturing lifecycle under our own control.

Visitors can expect a hands-on look at our highly automated and modern production facilities as well as lots of opportunities to meet and mingle with likeminded IT professionals on our beautiful Wibu-Systems Campus.

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