Cyber-Security Community Congress

TRIANGEL Open Space, Karlsruhe, Germany

The start-up spirit: It is not just about the try-big-and-fail-big mentality of young entrepreneurs hoping to become the next social media billionaires. It is also something that motivates new business models in far more essential sectors and areas of technology, like the security of our digital lives and infrastructures. Initiated by the German Ministry of Education and Research, the StartUpSecure program intends to spark that spirit in aspiring IT security professionals with four dedicated enterprise incubators at three IT security centers of competence – including the KASTEL initiative that forms part of Karlsruhe’s unique computer science and security ecosystem, built around the great beacons for innovation in the field like the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology or Wibu-Systems.

For the launch of this very special initiative, Oliver Winzenried, founder and CEO of Wibu-Systems, will be present with a talk at 4 p.m. on “Digital Sovereignty with Cooperative IT Security Innovations”. In any digital economy, ideas often matter more than physical resources – even more so for a country like Germany, which has few natural resources, but a proud tradition of innovative thinking. And innovative ideas can mean the difference between following other companies’ or nations’ lead or maintaining sovereignty in today’s globalized economy. Wibu-Systems is committed to pioneering new ideas for a secure and livable digital world, as Oliver Winzenried shows with a look at the company’s award-winning technologies, like the new CmCloud or the Kerckhoffs-compliant Blurry Box encryption method.

Innovations like these do not happen in a vacuum. They are often the product of likeminded people getting together. And Wibu-Systems’ new head offices and the House of IT Security with its IT Security Club are not just a sign of the company’s commitment to its Karlsruhe home, but a physical expression of this belief in the power of co-working and co-innovating.

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