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Wibu-Systems has won many coveted awards and prizes, including the 2017 CODiE Award for Best Content Rights and Entitlement Solution and the 2014 German IT Security Award for its innovative products and commitment to its work.

Globalization and the ever-faster pace of the markets as well as current social, political, and technological developments are forcing companies to change. In this process of transformation, it is extremely important that software applications and data are kept secure and that know-how, source code, and data integrity are protected. Wibu-Systems continues to monitor its users' and markets' requirements and the technological resources and opportunities to make cyber-physical systems even more secure.

Completed projects

Current projects

FlexSi-Pro - Flexibility and Security for the Factories of the Future

ALESSIO - Architektur für langfristige Sicherheit durch Secure Elements mit Update-Funktion

ALESSIO - Applications with long lifespan by means of protecting updateable solutions

DnSPro – Distributed Cooperative, Sensor-Driven Subsystem for Industrie 4.0 Production Facilities

IUNO - IT security in Industrie 4.0