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AxProtector – Simply Safer

Protecting software should be simple and secure. Two mutually exclusive goals? They do not have to be. Learn how to integrate fraud protection easily into software and embed the protection system seamlessly into existing processes with Wibu-Systems’ AxProtector.

Protecting intellectual property and making sure that only legitimate license holders use their products are just two of the many challenges faced by software developers and vendors. Software products are distributed in many forms and ways, as executable programs or libraries. Whether the software is meant for Windows, Mac, or Linux systems, the answer to these software protection challenges is AxProtector.

The term AxProtector (Automatic Executable Protection) refers to tools for the automated protection of compiled programs of varying types, ranging from “true” binaries (e.g. scripted in C/C++ or Delphi) to pre-compiled code for .NET for Windows or cross-platform Java. All of these program types can be protected with the versatile means offered by AxProtector.

A Unified Interface

Once AxProtector is started, the user chooses application type. This leads to an interface that guides the user through the process of turning an unprotected program into a fully encrypted program in a few simple steps. No complex instructions are needed. AxProtector supports multiple licensing systems, which means that a single program can be encrypted for use with different licenses (e.g. hardware-based CmDongles or activation-based CmActLicenses). Both options can be allowed concurrently, and the program itself finds the right license upon launching. A simple setting determines how the license for the protected software is counted ( e.g. once per launch of the program or only once per computer). Setting whether and how often the license should be verified is just one or many setting options, which are already preset with a reasonable default value.

Protecting against Attacks

The protected software learns to recognize manipulation or attacks attempted by hackers. Such incidents immediately lead to the license in question being locked down. Your intellectual property is safe and future attacks are prevented. In addition to the keys stored in the licenses, there is a variable key on the software side to make the encryption unpredictable. AxProtector also checks whether the software has been tampered since its original encryption and prevents it from running if any manipulations are identified.

More Protection - IxProtector

The high level of security promised by automated encryption can be improved even further by adding function-level encryptions. Specially selected functions are encrypted separately and only decrypted into executable code when they are required. We call this protection technology IxProtector. It is just as easy as AxProtector  to integrate into a software product - marking the function in question, add a simple API for requesting decryption, and flag the function in the settings – that is all there is to it.

The different formats used in .NET and Java applications mean that protection generally happens via method or class-level encryption, which is decrypted automatically as required during operation.

Few steps are required to include modular protection and the reading and use of license details. The interface can define additional licenses (e.g. for separately licensed modules). The Wibu Universal Protection Interface (WUPI) can verify whether these additional licenses are available while the application is running, and the function-level encryption allows the modules in question to be shielded as necessary.

Comfortable Notifications

When neither basic nor additional licenses are available, a flexible error handling system springs into action. The AxProtector settings and the so-called UserMessage library allow customized responses and notifications for the user. The application can display a custom error message or a protected service can record the incident in a secure log file.

Simple Process Integration

The protection should be embedded deep into standardized processes to make sure the software is protected during its original testing. The encryption of applications or libraries can be integrated readily into the build process. All parameters defined via the AxProtector interface can be exported to a configuration file at the click of a button to allow automatic encryption via a simple command line entry.

Protecting Your Investment

Wibu-Systems regularly publishes new versions of AxProtector with new and improved security mechanisms. These free updates improve the security of your products without any additional efforts on your part and maintain your head start in the race against potential attackers. 

AxProtector protects the following types of programs:

  • Windows applications (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Windows libraries (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X applications (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X libraries (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Linux applications (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Linux libraries (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • .NET Assembly
  • Java applications
  • Java Servlet






Simple & Secure

AxProtector allows you to give your applications or libraries double protection in a few simple steps. The software is protected both against piracy and against the malicious analysis of your code. Protect your revenue stream and secure your invaluable know-how at the same time.                     

AxProtector Embedded Systems can guard applications on the following platforms:

  • Linux ARM
  • Windows Embedded
  • Android
  • VxWorks


KEYnote 26 – Edition Fall 2013

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