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A cash machine for your software


Subscription models are enjoying rapidly growing popularity. Software vendors have come to see them as an automatic cash machine, while, for the user, they represent full flexibility in their loyalty to the vendor.

Especially when addressing the B2C market, subscription models have become an imperative. Think of antivirus applications, online games, memberships to online communities, or office applications that we all use year after year and renew on a regular basis. The B2B sector is making steady strides in the same direction.

Not all license and maintenance subscription models are born equal, though. Some applications can be used only for as long as the license right is valid and stop running after the expiry date. Others can still be executed, but won’t give access to additional upgrades or updates that are released after the expiry date of the maintenance contract. CodeMeter can handle both modalities and lets you decide the best option for your own business.

With CodeMeter and CodeMeter License Central, you can set up your subscription model in minutes. And with an e-commerce solution like Cleverbridge or an ERP system like SAP, you can also automatize the back office process and the collection of your revenues.

The key factors for a successful subscription implementation are:

  • Ease of use for the subscription workflow and the user's interface
  • Ease of use for the automatic renewal
  • A pricing point that is proportionate to the perpetual license, for all those ISVs who create both license models
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During this one-hour demonstration, we are going to step into the shoes of all the people involved in the process:

  • Basic foundations of subscription models
    • License subscriptions
    • Software purchase and subscription of a maintenance plan
    • Pricing of software subscriptions
  • The user’s perspective
    • Sign up of a subscription model in an online shop
    • Activation of the subscription
    • Automatic renewal of the subscription
  • The ISV’s perspective
    • The online shop
    • CodeMeter License Central
  • The developer's perspective
    • Configuration of the online shop
    • Configuration of CodeMeter License Central
    • Implementation of automatic renewals
    • Configuration of WebDepot
    • Software updates

Subscription models are the cash cow in software sales. A one-off investment produces steady recurring profits. Master the online game, and become the next Scrooge McDuck.