Who are you? Authentication by certificates


From international travel to buying alcohol: We are all used to showing our ID from time to time to prove that we are who we say we are. We usually do so with some official document like our passports, issued to us by a trusted and internationally recognized entity, in this case our national government. It entitles us to something, be it to buy that bottle of spirit or go and board that plane.

In the IT world, proof of identity is just as essential a condition for users to get access to systems or be given certain rights or entitlements. This is not restricted to actual persons: Industry 4.0 and the IoT also need machines and devices to be able to authenticate themselves when dealing with other systems. This stops illicit users and systems from sneaking in and potentially wreaking havoc in the network.

X.509 certificates are the technological counterpart of our passports and ID cards. In practice, they are still used far too infrequently because of their reputation as complicated and tough to use and manage. This webinar has been set up to introduce you to the basics of certificate management and explain how CodeMeter can simplify all processes around handling and securely storing certificates.

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In this one-hour online event, we will cover lot of ground:

  • Use cases in practice
    • Authentication between systems
    • Encrypted data (e.g. emails, code signatures)
    • Use with industrial standard protocols like OPC UA
  • The structure of X.509 certificates
  • The role of private and public keys
  • A look at Public Key Infrastructures (PKI)
  • Secure certificate storage in CmDongles
  • The technology behind CodeMeter Certificate Vault
    • Supported interfaces (PKCS#11, Microsoft KSP, OpenSSL)
    • Certificates creation in different use cases
    • Certificate distribution through CodeMeter License Central and integration with back office systems

This masterclass will leave you with a good grasp of the point and purpose of digital certificates. Our hands-on look at CodeMeter Certificate Vault and its benefits will show you how we can make certificates as efficient to manage and as easy to use as grabbing your passport as you head to the airport.

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