WSCAD and Wibu-Systems: more than 20 years of business cooperation


Technology security protects business growth

WSCAD has been protecting E-CAD solutions with Wibu-Systems products since more than 20 years

The company history of WSCAD, a premier leader in E-CAD applications and services, and Wibu-Systems, a global leading lifecycle licensing company, has proceeded in parallel for over 20 years. They were both funded in a time of European business expansion. They have both matured their business experience from a European centric position. They have both expanded their horizons beyond the initial technological concept and their own geographical borders. They have both valued continuity and innovation, two keys that are essential to long term business relationships.

The whole cooperation started when WSCAD soon understood that they needed a strong partner fully dedicated to software protection, so that they could concentrate on what they knew best: developing simple, efficient and cost effective E-CAD solutions for electric installation, cabinet engineering, building automation and fluid engineering. Since they qualified WibuKey from Wibu-Systems back in the early 90’s, they have sold over twenty-eight thousand licenses, all protected with a parallel or USB dongle. This clever move required an initial investment on their side in terms of intelligent integration of the dongle with their source code and business model. But this decision proved particularly fruitful not just from a technology point of view but also from a monetary perspective as well.

The dongles actually demonstrated to be transparent to the daily activity of the end users, stood up against all upcoming security threats that keep multiplying, and ultimately allowed WSCAD to establish its name in the market as one of the top voices of the CAD scene. Moreover as Wibu-Systems kept releasing security updates for its legacy products, WSCAD had no reason to change the devices already in the field; they have rather updated the units contents as soon as end users were upgrading their licenses to the latest release.

„The choice of Wibu-Systems products has resulted for us in the perfect software protection. For a company of E-CAD software manufacturers like we are, this is a crucial aspect of our corporate strategy. The software holds our expertise and we need to make sure our assets are protected”, states Georg Wenninger, Managing Director of Development at WSCAD.
“An investment in software protection is an investment in economy flourishing. Wibu-Systems is honored to represent one of the bricks at the core of WSCAD success story. WibuKey was our milestone and our first contribution to the education of digital asset protection. By now we have enlarged our product portfolio to more comprehensive solutions that offer additional license management functionalities, but our heart will always remain close to our initial development jewel”, declares Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems.

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