Wibu-Systems selects Infineon security chips for USB tokens and Memory Cards


A new gear behind the increased security performance of CodeMeter

Infineon chips

Wibu-Systems introduces USB Tokens and memory cards with security controllers from Infineon Technologies

CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems’ flagship solution for software protection, licensing and security, is ubiquitous throughout hardware devices, secure files, and the cloud alike. Over the history the company has broadened its focus to embrace not just ISVs offering B2B and B2C professional solutions, but also the industrial automation arena. With products, devices, customers’ data and entire plants put more and more at risk by the extensive use of remote control systems, Wibu-Systems comes to the forefront with anti-tampering and anti-piracy dedicated technologies. With this scope in mind, Wibu-Systems selected Infineon Technologies as the ideal partner able to provide  an EAL5+ certified security controller with integrated USB interface powering its entire product line. The SLE97 based on ARM® SecurCore® SC300TM  with 32 bit offers up to 1 Mbyte SOLID FLASHTM memory space. The USB interface follows the USB2.0 full speed specification.

“The embedded system world is a niche we are more and more specializing in and where we are expressing a top global leadership”, declares Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems. “The SLE97 security chip from Infineon Technologies we will be now embedding in all our tokens and memory cards will provide customers with higher encryption performance, larger capacity for license storage, long term component support, and above all, a vaster temperature range which perfectly matches the needs of the industrial field.”

“Data security and system integrity are the building blocks for connected systems such as Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things. As a leading semiconductor supplier with deep system and market understanding, we are committed to offer the industry tailor-made solutions for secure embedded applications,“ said Carsten Loschinsky, Vice President and General Manager at Infineon’s Chip Card & Security division. 

Moreover, the Common Criteria EAL5+ certification associated with the Infineon security chip will allow Wibu-Systems to become more and more competitive in those scenarios where prevention of software related crimes crosses the path of strong authentication.

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