MedtecLIVE with T4M

2022-05-03 - 2022-05-05
Stuttgart, Germany

MedtecLIVE, the popular exhibition for new trends and technologies in the medical technology sector, has been reimagined with the decision to combine its reach and appeal in the sector with the equally popular industry expo T4M. Together, the combo-exhibition will alternate between the shows’ traditional locations at Nuremberg and Stuttgart, two innovation-heavy centers of Germany’s med-tech community, and has the potential to become a new beacon for progress in the industry far beyond its home region.

Wibu-Systems will come to Stuttgart to raise a flag for IP protection and licensing in the healthcare and medical technology sector. As part of the VDMA’s shared expo presence, our exhibit will allow visitors to experience the full power of CodeMeter for the industry, as proven by our many loyal users and active research projects in the healthcare field. CodeMeter’s exceptional flexibility makes it possible to design protection and licensing systems to perfectly match virtually any business model. From unrivalled security for patient data in novel smart medicine marketplaces to the modular licensing of individual features and capabilities of medical devices, CodeMeter helps bring down the adoption threshold for the healthcare technologies of the future by reducing upfront investments for often costly medical hardware and allaying worries about the confidentiality of that most personal information: patient data.

Visit MedtecLive with T4M in Stuttgart or catch up on new developments in the industry via the expo’s dedicated webinar program, and do not miss the opportunity to see what Wibu-Systems is doing for more security, creativity, and commercial opportunity in a sector that is revolutionizing not just our economy, but also the health and lives of people everywhere.



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