ISGATEC Forum: Printing Seals? Potential, Practice, Experience

Virtual Event

The ISGATEC Forum is billed as the competence sharing platform for sealing, gluing, and polymer technology. In the dedicated digital event on “Printing Seals? Potential, Practice, Experience”, participants can learn about the technical challenges of 3D-printing seals and about the many other considerations for practitioners: Will the quality suffice for the often tough conditions in the field? At what point does a design move from a single prototype or a purpose-built, small-series item to a mass-market product? And how can one protect the IP that goes making those products?

Participants have a choice of talks and classes to join, ranging from the right choice of materials and technologies to the right means for nondestructive tests of 3D printed products. At the end of the stimulating forum, they will receive a certificate as proof of their new-gained expertise.

Wibu-Systems will be contributing to ISGATEC Forum in the form of Stefan Bamberg’s exclusive practitioner’s look at the issue of “Protecting and Monetizing 3D Print Data: Novel Business Models for 3D Printed Parts”. In his eye-opening class on 27 September, 3 to 3.30 pm, our Director Sales and Key Account Management will be taking the participants on a tour of the solution chosen by Daimler Buses: A fully protected, license-enabled online store for automotive parts and components for Daimler and Setra buses, made possible with Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology and the 3D printing hardware of Farsoon.

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