DevCamp 2023

Raum Church im CyberLab (EG), Haid-und-Neu-Str. 18-20, Eingang B, Karlsruhe, Germany

Join us at DevCamp, the premier event hosted by CyberForum, Europe's largest high-tech business network with over 1,200 members spanning from dynamic startups to global giants. This unique forum is a convergence point for industry leaders, researchers, and IT aficionados aiming to foster connections, exchange cutting-edge knowledge, and co-create the future of technology. Participants can pitch session ideas and, in a democratic spirit, the community vote will sculpt the day's agenda, ensuring a pulse on the latest in future computing, including quantum computing, IT security, and AI.

Why is safeguarding AI data and models crucial? As AI systems become more integral to business operations, the data they process and the models they refine become valuable intellectual assets. Protecting these assets is vital to maintaining a competitive edge, ensuring the integrity of AI operations, and safeguarding against malicious actors who could exploit weaknesses to gain unauthorized access or corrupt AI behavior. Effective security measures prevent data breaches that could lead to significant financial loss, reputational damage, and erode user trust. Join Carmen Kempka, Wibu-Systems’ Director Corporate Technology, at DevCamp to explore the intersection of AI and security, where we'll unravel strategies to protect your AI's core against emerging threats. Your AI's intelligence is only as strong as its shield. Let's fortify it together.

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