SumoDacs | Secure Mobile Data Access

SumoDacs aims to develop an architecture that provides secure access to company data with mobile devices using hardware tokens for authentication. The hardware is already available in various form factors for mobile applications, e.g. USB sticks or SD cards or the recently introduced electronic identity card (eID). An authorization system based on context-sensitive roles will allow fine-grained access control and digital rights management that meet the needs of many possible application scenarios.

The project intends to produce a prototype reference solution within the CRM system of CAS for a browser-based client security solution. Moreover, the prototype will continue to be developed further and made available for use in secure access, e.g. access and identity management, and data protection technology. Wibu-System will provide developer tools to facilitate the integration in mobile security applications. This will open up new markets for protecting and licensing digital products and create new jobs and economic opportunities.

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