Alliance for Cyber Security


Wibu-Systems is an active member of the Alliance for Cyber Security, an initiative of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). It was established in co-operation with the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications, and New Media (BITKOM).

The mission of the Alliance is to provide current and meaningful information for users across Germany. It builds on the great store of knowledge and expertise of the members to offer its participants a solid knowledge base. To fulfill its objective, the Alliance promotes intensive educational opportunities and experience.

The information pool includes the white paper “Integrity protection for embedded systems” published by Wibu-Sytems, which contributes substantially to the understanding and deployment of integrity protection for electronic computers in exclusively technical environments: embedded systems. The publication was prepared specifically with the Cyber Security Alliance’s "Readiness" and "Solution" work in mind. It investigates how know-how distribution can be protected against reverse-engineering and discusses the ever-growing threat of commercial crime and cyber-wars.

For the audience of the Alliance, we have also conducted a webinar under the title “Security for Embedded Systems”, which is available in German only. You are welcome to access the recording and download the slide deck to learn more about how Wibu-Systems protects product know-how and machine code integrity using sophisticated encryption technologies.

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