Streamlining licensing migration from 3rd party systems


Over the years, the evolving needs of your business and your customer base are pretty likely to outgrow the structure of the licensing system you originally put in place; let this be a defining moment to optimize your processes and create a future-proof sales model.

There’ll be many challenges you will find yourself facing, including the migration of existing data, especially if you still have to support already delivered software. Most probably, you’ll have recourse to two systems that you might be running in parallel for a defined transitional period. Even though the possible migration scenarios are plenty, two basic approaches have emerged:

  • You keep relying on the license lifecycle management system in use and start delivering CodeMeter dongles as the underlying identification factor for licenses; upon reaching a critical mass, you make the full switch to CodeMeter License Central.
  • You decide in favor of an immediate switch to CodeMeter License Central for the creation of new licenses, which will make it necessary for you to set up a compatibility mode that is able to handle licenses for the software that is already in the field

One possible approach to ensure compatibility between the legacy system and CodeMeter License Central is the delivery of a patch that makes the already rolled-out software CodeMeter-enabled. However, we have a brilliant alternative: with our Custom Licensing Adapter, you can interface practically all licenses generated by a 3rd party with CodeMeter License Central. Whatever CRM, ERP, or e-commerce system you use, you can already create all the licenses you need using CodeMeter License Central. At the time of their activation, WebDepot and Gateway will detect the 3rd party licensing system and call up Custom Licensing Adapter. License properties are then mapped and paired between the legacy system and CodeMeter technology, licenses are generated via the 3rd party system and transferred automatically to CodeMeter License Central. The whole process is completely streamlined to offer a prompt response and a smooth experience for you and your customers.

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In our free masterclass, we’ll delve into:

  • Evaluating the options
    • Using a self-implemented solution
    • Using a dongle
    • Using a purchased software protection solution
  • Migration scenarios
    • CodeMeter Runtime / Binding Extension
    • Transition time with two systems
    • CodeMeter as the secure identification factor
    • Complete conversion with new major version
    • Exchanging dongles
    • Patching an older version
  • Standard process with CodeMeter License Central
    • Creating licenses
    • Activating licenses
  • Custom Licensing Adapter
    • Using CodeMeter License Central as the sole data source
    • Creation of 3rd party licenses with CodeMeter License Central
    • Mapping CodeMeter Product Item Options for Legacy Licenses
  • Live demo of Custom Licensing Adapter

Our Professional Services team is ready to accompany you on this journey and turn your idea into a fully functional live project. The experience we have gained from countless successful migrations to CodeMeter and CodeMeter License Central will be the key factor for you to choose the optimal solution for your scenario, your requirements, and your framework conditions.

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