2017-02-20 - 2017-02-24
Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany

Wibu-Systems is returning once more to Basta!, the leading independent conference for Microsoft developers, architects, and project managers in Germany. In its frontrunner position as a global provider of strong and versatile secure licensing technologies, Wibu-Systems delivers fully featured and highly scalable solutions for the complete protection and flexible delivery of your software applications.

Whether you have adopted .NET framework or C#, you all need to safeguard your code from piracy and reverse engineering, and monetize it with a clear, mature, and modern strategy. As of this year, you have an additional powerful tool in your arsenal: Blurry Box®, a totally revolutionary encryption method.

Given the relevance of the topic, Basta! has created a specific session track for Security. In his lecture “Blurry Box Encryption – Software Protection based on Kerckhoffs’ Principle”, on February 23rd, 11.30 am - 12.45 pm, Ruediger Kuegler, Security Expert and VP Sales of Wibu-Systems, will reveal the theory design that brought the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Wibu-Systems, and the Karlsruhe Research Center (FZI) to develop Blurry Box, an innovation in the cryptography space that already won the 5th German IT Security Award in 2014. Traditional approaches to software protection against reverse engineering, such as obfuscation or encryption with a wrapper, are based on the secrecy of the complete process. In contrast, Blurry Box complies with the Kerckhoffs’ principle and conceals only the key, while the process stays public. The presentation will cover the modules and methods of Blurry Box that .NET developers can start implementing in their applications straightaway.


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