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New Products

This month we’re excited to announce three new products: the world’s smallest dongle, a CmStick with a battery, and a CmCard for extreme environments. Data sheets are available from the download section of our website.

CmStick/C: World’s Smallest Dongle

Projecting only 4 mm from a USB port, the new CmStick/C has all the same capabilities and technology as its larger USB CmSticks, except the option of additional flash memory. All the electronics, including the smart card chip, are integrated into the USB plug. Despite the tiny size, customers can order specific laser engraving or individual colors. The new CodeMeter hardware is perfectly suited for notebooks, embedded devices, medical devices or controls for machinery and equipment. The CmStick/C is available for an extended temperature range.

CmStick/T: Battery Powered

Although all CodeMeter hardware devices have an on-board clock built into the smart card chip, it is only powered up when the PC is turned on and the dongle is attached. For those cases where a continuously-running clock is required, the new CmStick/T contains a battery-powered real time clock (RTC). Like all CmSticks, the device is designed to be tamper-proof: removing the battery will be detected avoiding a wrong time to be used. Even if the physical clock is modified, the time on the smart card chip will remain correct. After many years, if the battery is empty, the CmStick/T will continue to keep time with the standard on-board clock. The CmStick/T combines the benefits of our unique approach with a real time clock. This gives users maximum user comfort, safety, and long product life.

Current Software Releases:

Current Firmware:

  • CmStick, CmStick/M: 1.18
  • CmCard/µSD, /SD, /CF: 1.18

The latest software gives you state-of-the-art improvements and benefits of new functions and maximum stability. Please make sure you always update to the latest firmware.

CmCard for extreme environment

The CmCard/µSD /SD and CF and the standard CmStick and CmStick/C are now available for extreme temperatures from -25 °C to +85 °C, non condensing. For those cases where extreme resistance to moisture and corrosion are required, such as in a marine environment, we can provide them with a conformal coating: typically this is a special protective coating, such as SL1301 by Peters, which was developed for extreme technical, ecological, and physiological requirements, UL listed (E80315) and according to IPC-CC-830B. No matter where you need to run your software, CodeMeter can keep it safe.


KEYnote 21 – Edition Spring 2011

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